MSI or Asus Gaming Laptop

MSI or Asus Gaming Laptop – Which one is Best?

Gaming laptops are packed with lots of features and specs to support high demanding games and graphics with a good display. Users need to be more cautious and specific with these laptops as their storage, power, graphic compatibility, and speed can be highly effective for maximum performance delivery.

When we talk about gaming laptops, there are various brands that manufacture good laptops for gaming. Two of the most common in them are MSI or Asus Gaming Laptop. They are both supplied with certain extraordinary highlights that can influence the clients. You need to give close consideration to capacity, force, speed, and their gaming cards which are used to support the latest gaming.

The Asus and MSI laptops have set the norms for what a cutting-edge PC ought to be. Both of these workstations have power and various additional highlights that are alluring to gamers. Each brand has its positive features and some negative features, and we are going to discuss them in detail.

So let’s get into the discussion of the best laptop for voice recognition software and MSI Gaming Laptops and their comparison for optimum performance and user satisfaction.

Asus Gaming Laptops

Asus Gaming Laptops

ASUS is a good manufacturer of the latest technological products for computing devices. Their gaming laptops have been quite famous and popular among gamers around the world.

The hardware of these laptops is durable and made with solidified body and silent internal components that are good features in these laptops. Each and every element of the workstations has been uniquely made in order to give the ideal gaming experience to the client.

These laptops are also supported with the assistance of the double fan framework that helps the laptop not to gain heat while playing good graphic games. The laptops of Asus can be divided into different sections to explain more about each of their features.

Features of Asus Gaming Laptops

Following are the few features that you get with these high-performance gaming laptops.


The components of Asus laptops are very high and durable, which deliver solid performance, such as ROG Mothership GZ700, which is a great gaming laptop by Asus. Other top-class variants of these laptops are ROG Zephyrus and ROG Scar Strix, having 8th Gen and even 9th Gen i7 processors with a very reasonable price for the performance.

There are more up-to-the-mark laptops like the ASUS ROG G703GX has an i9 processor to deliver the fastest and greatest performance with stability.

Graphics Card

These gaming laptops include a high-end graphics card such as RTX 2080 that delivers a very high-quality display and game graphics. The other gaming laptops come with supported graphic cards in the mid-range budget for the clients, such as GTX 1050Ti, or an AMD Radeon RX 560X.

These graphic cards provide a high-end gaming experience with all the latest games like Far Cry New Dawn, Call of duty Advanced Warfare, etc. You can also play emulator games on these laptops like PUBG or Fortnite.


The Asus Laptops come packed with all the modules that are essential for gaming, and one of them is also cooling. Top gaming laptop from Asus like ROG GX700 comes with a liquid cooling module that is also detachable.

The coolant is pumped into the laptop through the pipes, which circulate it around the parts that are generating heat, while the patented connection ensures there is no spillage.


These gaming laptops come in different sizes for the screen, and they have differences in the price for their display size as well. The best gaming laptops from Asus have a huge display up to 17.3 inches. Then there are other laptops that have a 15.6-inch screen, and the mini laptops have an 11.6-inch screen.

All these laptops support a good resolution between 720p to 4k, depending on the screen size you are using with your laptop. With its most advanced gaming laptops, the Asus Mothership has a 144GHz display that is really good for a smooth experience.


The design of ASUS gaming laptops is very impressive and makes you feel like you want one. You cannot take your eyes off when you bat an eye on the sleek design of their ultimate gaming laptops. They are elegant and slim in profile with a stylish look.

It’s not only about the design; these laptops come with great visuals and screen sizes that have anti-glare screens that save your eyes from any strains. Small details are added in the design, such as dual fan thermals in a number of their gaming laptop models to provide an optimum gaming experience for the whole day.

There is also the backlit keyboard that catches the interest of the user with its multi-colors and glows, which adjust with your usage during day and night time.

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  • The quality assurance is unbeatable for these laptops.
  • A strong motherboard of high quality in each laptop.
  • An affordable price even when having a GPU like NVIDIA GTX 1080.
  • You get a 2-year warranty for their laptops.
  • Asus keeps releasing updates of its products.
  • There are limited service centers for damaged laptops.
  • It doesn’t provide any case or bag with laptops.

MSI Laptops

MSI Laptops

MSI is a brand that gained popularity in today’s world due to its high-performing devices such as gaming laptops and graphic cards. MSI has been more famous among gamers instead of Asus, and the reason is that MSI laptops outperform Asus laptops in most of the ways. Both of them have a good line of products, but customers are more attracted towards MSI.

The laptops from MSI are built with very caretaking notice of the customer’s demands and needs. If you are one of those people who are fond of gaming, you would already be aware of this top-rated brand. The laptops that they produce include very high specifications and features that are satisfactory enough for the gamers to play high-end games on good lightweight laptops.

To dig deeper into MSI, we discuss all the features of its gaming laptops in detail so you can have more idea about their components, graphic cards, display, and performance.

Features of MSI Gaming Laptops

Following are the features that are discussed in detail for your ease to know more about MSI gaming laptop and their components with performance.


The MSI laptops contain different powerful components starting from its processor. They use a powerful high-end processor that boosts the performance for gaming and also supports with latest graphic cards and RAM of a laptop.

Most of the MSI gaming laptops have a top-rated 8th gen Intel processor or i9 processor, which are supported with all the latest games and software to run without a lag or any kind of problem for execution.

Graphics Card

Most of the MSI gaming laptops are supported with RTX 20 series graphic cards to deliver amazing performance on lower settings of any game. You can upgrade those cards with the latest and bigger cards to support the latest games. The graphic card supported with these laptops delivers a very clear and smooth gaming experience with quality graphics.


Gaming laptops are packed with lots of features and components that provide heat when they are running any high-end game. Therefore they need to have a good cooling system in order to keep the laptop cool. The MSI laptops have about 11 heat pipes and 4 fans that give a much better and higher cooling level for your laptop.

These gaming laptops include CNC Polished Copper Blocks with Aluminum die-casting alloy plates that are placed to provide more durability and heat transfer to the cooling system. These laptops can be set to increase the performance or use the battery saving mode to save power. Both conditions are in the hands of the user.


The display that comes with these laptops is supported for 4k resolution with a widescreen of 17.3 inches. If the user wants to get a medium size screen, there are other options with 15.6-inch screens that also support a 4k display.

For gamers, the good thing is that MSI laptops can give a great refresh rate of up to 240Hz on bigger display screens. The titan series of MSI is the ultimate gaming setup with all the high-end features. This gives you a more fast gaming experience with a new blend.

The rest of the series of MSI gaming laptops are supported with a 60GHz up to 144GHz to provide a good gaming experience at low settings and requirements. They are also very cheaper than the titan series due to differences in features.

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  • If you register after purchasing a laptop from MSI, you get free damage protection and accidental damage coverage for your laptop.
  • You get amazing high-end features to deliver maximum performance.
  • MSI gaming laptops have interesting designs to catch the eye of gamers. Not only in looks, but they deliver a very good performance too.
  • These laptops take your gaming experience to the next level with all exotic features.
  • You get a backlit keyboard with multiple lights.
  • The tech support is not very good, as reviewers have shown that specialist even doesn’t know about most of the software and technical problems with the laptops.
  • The agents have been noticed to provide invalid or incorrect information to the people who are looking for replacement or repairs for their laptops.
  • The MSI gaming laptops only come in 2 colors which are old plain black and silver.
  • The design may not be as good as Asus gaming laptops.

Which Is Better?

If you talk about the comparison, both of these brands provide great performance laptops to gamers. Depending on the type of demand by a client, both of them have their pros and cons. The MSI laptops usually have very impressive specifications and perks that make this brand stand apart as these laptops are considered more sophisticated than the Asus gaming laptops.

But you should also know that Asus is a durable brand for making products that also has a very strong motherboard to support high-end components. It is a tough and rough laptop that doesn’t give up easily, and clients can stay with these laptops for a longer period of time.

So if you want more perks, you should definitely go for MSI as it delivers more performance to the gamers. But if you are looking for a strong, durable, and very stylish design laptop, you should get yourself a gaming laptop from Asus.


This was a detailed discussion on two great selling brands for gaming laptops. MSI or Asus Gaming Laptop have their names in the international market, and they are the ultimate weapons for gaming to provide maximum delivery. The users can buy MSI laptops on the basis of their performance and perks, whereas they can also buy Asus laptops if they prefer stylish and durable gaming laptops. For more details, leave a comment in the box given below.


Q#1: Does MSI make good gaming laptops?

Ans: MSI has a powerful GS65 Stealth laptop that delivers great performance with 60fps or higher gaming performance with long battery life. It is a premium build without any flaws as reviews by the users, and the price is also very reasonable for the product.

Q#2: Are Asus Gaming Laptops any good?

Ans: Yes, they are good as you can take the example of Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX701, which is a beast of gaming laptops to deliver maximum performance that comes with a very high price. There are many affordable laptops by Asus too that are very durable and good in performance for gaming.

Q#3: Why is MSI expensive?

Ans: The prices of any brand mostly rely on the taxes and customs duties by the Govt that is implied on imported products. Otherwise, companies also have to cut down some features to reduce the price of their products which is not a very good step. That is why MSI products are usually expensive as they have great specifications.