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Asus Vs HP Laptops – Comparison And Buyer Guide In 2023

For a client, choosing a brand with innovative products can be tricky sometimes. There are lots of requirements from different clients, and they look for the best choice that comes in their budget with the best features.

Asus and HP are the two most known brands around the world in the world of computers and innovation.

If you are a customer who is confused about choosing a product between either of these brand names, then this guide is a complete detail for helping you out in providing proper details that may include what you are looking for. So here we will discuss all about Asus Vs HP.

Asus Laptops 

ASUS F512JA-AS34 VivoBook 15

Asus is a multinational brand for computers and electronics that are currently operating in different countries worldwide. They produce one of the finest computer products and hardware that are adored by millions around the globe. This is also an OEM company, and it has been delivering quite amazing products to the world.

Let’s get into Features and Detail about Asus products.


Asus makes the best delicate models with the best components to support the hardware and motherboard for better performance. There is a great difference in components between the Asus brand and HP.

Asus has great components in their products, such as the Kaby Lake processors are very good for delivering performance along with good graphical support from the NVIDIA GeForce graphics card. These components are even fixed into the thin laptops produced by Asus.

Some basic components that are chipped in most of the latest Asus products are.

  • NanoEdge Technology.
  • ScreenPad.
  • 8-cell batteries.
  • LED Displays.
  • Vapor chamber cooling system.
  • Intel’s i9 processors.
  • SSD.
  • SonicMaster audio.


The design of Asus products is always stunning and eye-catching as they are very slim and stylish. The items are made from quality materials at a low price but, it gives an excellent look that looks sharp and expensive.

Asus has its own ScreenPad that was initially launched on a ZenBook Pro. This was created to replace the traditional touchpad. This is an amazing add design as it can behave like both a touchpad and an LCD multifunctional display.

Product Variety

There is a wide product variety by Asus with models in different ranges for the customers offering different features. The good thing about this international brand is that all the products cover basic computing needs, and if you are willing to pay some more, you get high-end devices for extra performance like the Asus ROG series.


The price varies according to the product and its features, but usually, you get the value for money from Asus. If you are looking for high-end laptops like ROG Zephyrus, then you can get such powerful laptops at a price range of around $2000.

There are models like Zenbook pro that offer different prices, but when you compare this brand with other brands of the same features, you will see a great price difference in the products.


Asus works well with the innovation as it got the awards for ROG Zephyrus and the ZenBook Pro. These models were designed with an innovative feel that caught the eyes of the users, and some unique features are added that are not found on similar products from the rival brands.

As Asus announced, the new Screenpad, instead of a traditional touch screen with the ZenBook, showed that there is a great innovation with Asus’s latest products. Asus won awards for innovation in the following products:

  • Zenbook.
  • ROG Zephyrus.
  • ROG Strix series.
  • VivoBook.
  • Asus Mini.

Cons of Having Asus Products

Now there are a lot of additional points in Asus products, but there is always a downside too. The bad thing about having Asus products is that the customer support or service is not very user-friendly and good according to reviews from many clients. And even if you get the services or repairs from their support, you are charged with extra cost.

  • Support is not good
  • Not easy to find repair or customer service
  • Warranty is not easy to claim

HP Laptops

HP Laptops

Hewlett-Packard is another multinational brand that is famous in the computer world for manufacturing powerful laptops and computers. It is one of the oldest manufacturers in the competition that is delivering all types of systems for home and office use.

The HP laptops come in different varieties and features, and we divide these features into different segments to make it easier for understanding their product build and quality.


HP rolls out high-end models with innovation, giving a lot of specifications and components. They have great components installed on their latest systems like Spectre 13, some of which are mentioned below.

  • 4K UHD IPS display.
  • Corning Gorilla Glass touchscreen.
  • Eighth generation i7 processor.
  • SSD.
  • TruVision camera.
  • Active stylus pen.


The design of HP laptops is usually stylish, and different colors are adapted. The quality is good, which means that they are reliable enough to be used at home.


HP has high price tags on its products because it’s one of the oldest brands. As compared to their rival Asus, HP delivers the same specifications under a higher price tag than Asus.


HP is famous for releasing innovative models and designs in their products such as ZBook 17, Spectre x360, and the HP Envy 13t. These are compact yet powerful devices from HP to tackle the market. For these innovations, HP also won many awards as this company has a good business focus and maintains well with the latest technology. Some awards are the following:

Cons of HP Products

HP has bad customer support and service, as reported by many users. This means that even if you buy an HP product and you need some assistance, there is a chance that you get incorrect answers to the actual questions that are asked.

  • The products come with only a 1-year warranty, and users have to pay an extra charge if they want to upgrade to a care package.
  • If the user wants a replacement of a product or repairs, the customer support is not satisfactory.

Asus Vs HP – Which One to Choose

With our analysis and comparison in detail, if you are in demand for high-end or gaming laptops, then we prefer to choose Asus over HP.

The Asus gaming laptops outperform HP gaming laptops, and a lot of user reviews have been showing the stats for Asus to be performing better than HP.

But you can choose HP laptops based on durability as these products are robust and of great build quality. You cant trust Asus for durability as much as you can rely on HP if you are thinking of carrying your laptop with you while working. But again, for the price, Asus is a better choice than HP.


This was a detailed discussion of the comparison between Asus vs HP products. We shared complete info on both of these brands, including their features and drawbacks.

Q1: Which brand is the best, Asus or HP?

Ans: According to critics’ reviews and ratings, Asus has a more good rating than HP, which means that you can prefer to buy Asus products instead of buying from HP.

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