laptop runs hot when gaming

Laptop Runs Hot When Gaming How To Fix?

A lot of people n the world have a craze for gaming. They have proper setups built into their homes that contain monitors and multiple attached devices. There have also been consoles created that have taken the gaming ability to a whole new level. You can play on mobile phones and multiple other devices.

As for laptops, there have been recent inventions of laptops that support gaming to and through. There are laptops developed which support the purposes of gaming solely, to their core. Now when picking out a laptop for gaming, you look for multiple specs in that laptop but the most important one is the performance rate of the laptop here you can check the two best brands Asus vs MSI.

Gaming requires a highly durable laptop, that’s why with excessive gaming laptop runs hot when gaming. To resolve this issue, we have created this comprehensive guide for you.

Reasons why your laptop runs hot when gaming

Most laptops overheat for a variety of reasons. Some of which are so common any person can easily neglect them. Not all laptops overheat though but there’s a factor for their dependence. Laptops tend to overheat during excessive non-stop use but not most laptops, some manage to stay cool and provide comfort but some tend to burn up, even at casual use.

During gaming, many laptops tend to overheat, whether you are directly operating the laptop or using it as a monitor, there can be some issues. Here are certain reasons why laptops tend to overheat.

  • There must be some manufacturing quality- the way a CPU or GPU of a laptop is designed greatly varies with the response to excessive usage.
  • Many laptops have dust clogged up in their fan areas which can cause the fan to resist movement and hence, heat up the surface of the laptop.
  • There are other factors too such as blocked air vents. Blocked air vents tend to cause the laptop to overheat.
  • One other issue is using your laptop on an improper surface, if you use your laptop on an uneven or soft surface it can greatly affect the hard drive of the laptop and cause the laptop surface to burn up.
  • Another reason that most of us dismiss, is when there is a malware problem. Many viruses tend to mess up your software and it can cause damage to the laptop’s programming. Hence, the overheating issue would arise.

Solutions for laptops run hot when gaming

Since there are multiple reasons various problems may arise in a laptop, there are also several solutions for overheating. Each solution depends on the nature of the problem. Here’s the list of solutions that you can implement to fix your laptop.

Designed units: 

If the problem is coming from the CPU or GPU of your laptop then there’s hardly anything you can do, some laptops are just designed in this particular way. You can always sell and purchase a new one for gaming purposes.

Dust clogging: 

There may be dust present in the area around your laptop’s exhaust fan. The dust resists the motion of the laptop’s fan and the fan, in turn, provides more internal force for movement, this is what causes overheating in most gaming laptops.

Blocked Air Vents: 

There may be an issue of blocked air vents in your laptop’s exhaust area. The air vents get filled with dust and dirt particles. This makes the fan overheat by collecting the warm air inside the fan.

Proper base: 

Put your laptop on proffer surfaces during use. Put solid materials beneath your laptop to protect its hard drive and reduce the risk of overheating.

Malware problem: 

There may be a malware problem on your laptop. Many viruses and other malware can damage your laptop’s software. This may cause overheating. To fix this issue you will have to eradicate all extra and harmful documents and files.


You can resolve the issue of overheating by going through the recommended procedures of cooling or cleaning out your laptop.


Q#1: What else can you do to fix overheating? 

Ans: You can get cooling pads for your laptop online or from any store.

Q#2: Does low charging cause overheating? 

Ans: Yes, low charging of your laptop causes overheating.

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