Asus VivoBook Vs Zenbook

Asus VIVOBOOK Vs ZenBook – Which One Is Better In 2023

Asus is a name in the world of computers. This brand makes one of the finest gaming systems that people love to buy and enjoy the high performance delivered by them.

They have a huge lineup of all types of laptops, starting from office laptops to gaming laptops, and the Asus VivoBook Vs Zenbook are two of the most versatile series.

The Zenbook by Asus is a classy and stylish laptop that delivers good performance and response for gamers. The Vivobook is an affordable option having pretty much high specs and enough performance to give a stable and good working experience.

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There is a lot to discuss both of these laptops, and in case you want to know which one is better, Zenbook or Vivobook, then we have got this article covered for you.

ASUS Zenbook vs Vivobook

Here we take things to a short introduction of basic differences between both of these laptops by Asus. There is the main difference in price in these laptops as the Zenbook series are very elegant and stylish, and they cost a lot too, whereas the Vivobook is classy but a very budget-friendly option for those who just want to spend enough money on a good laptop to use.

In comparison, both of these laptop series have advantages over the other one. But there is a lot more to discuss regarding every feature and quality that both of the series offers to the users.

These are one of the best among other laptop options, and we take a deep look at each of them in detail below.

Asus Zenbook

In case you have a good budget and you want a stylish laptop from Asus, then the Zenbook series is the top-of-the-line and best laptop offered by Asus. You can look at any model of the Zenbook to choose which one fits the best for you. Not all of them are expensive, but the top model and latest releases have quite a high price.

The Zenbook series are able to compete with the top models of all the other brands these days, and they provide enough performance that puts a smile on the user’s face instead of sadness.

The Zenbook was released in 2011, and since then, it has won the hearts of millions around the globe. As this attractive laptop is elegant along with the performance it delivers, it’s probably a great series.

Most of the Zenbook series laptops are designed with aluminum chassis, giving them durable and stable bodies to withhold any impact or external pressure under unprepared conditions. It is probably worth noticing that the Zenbook series give all the features of premium quality, and with its Zenbook UX534, they have achieved excellence.

ASUS ZenBook UX534

The Zenbook UX534 is the best laptop and most powerful in the Zenbook series that was released a few years back, and it has found a great set of customers throughout the world now. It is also considered a laptop with value for money.

This laptop comes with a powerful 16 GB RAM along with an intel core i7 processor with the 10th generation having 4 cores and 8 threads for fast processing and multitasking.

It makes it possible to navigate through the apps easily with its inbuilt screen pad. The graphic card that this laptop uses is the NVIDIA GTX 1650 which has a great name in the world of gaming to deliver good performance and screen rending to play the latest quality and high-definition games on the system. It gives amazing visuals and graphics with such a powerful graphic card.

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Other laptops in this series include various other options that have a little bit fewer specs as compared to Zenbook UX534 like UX463 and UX481. Both of them are also premium quality and expensive laptops but not as powerful and expensive as Zenbook UX534.

There are various positives and various negatives sides to owning a Zenbook for yourself. These are.

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  • The Zenbook series is the best one from the Asus range of laptops, and they have a great built quality to long laster than their any other series laptops.
  • There are multiple options in Zenbook Series, from which some are affordable, and some are for gaming and high-end purpose according to a user’s requirement.
  • They provide extreme performance for the latest software, latest games and for designing or demonstrating things along with video editing tools.

  • The price tag is high as the quality and performance of these laptops are high.
  • You can always find a replacement or better option even than the Zenbook series.

ASUS Vivobook

For the people who do not have healthy pockets to buy high-end laptops like Zenbook, they can go for cheaper laptops in the Vivobook range. This series of laptops by ASUS fits very well for those who want a laptop for office use or for home use and don’t want to play games and stuff all day on their system.

The basic models of the Vivobook series come with 4 GB RAM, but the better versions also have 8GB of RAM.

The quality is always good with the Vivobook, and the performance that you get is also satisfactory, so you don’t have to worry about the gaming and other extra aspects that are not your necessity. Vivobook fills in your gap in the need for suitable mid-range laptops with Vivobook X413FA that is cost-effective and good in performance.

ASUS VivoBook Thin

The Vivobook series by Asus is pretty well for the budget-friendly cost, and it is a good example that gives low-cost options with good performance as compared to other laptops of this range in the market. It has good storage of 256 GB SSD with 12 GB DDR4 of RAM that provides good and fast performance for work delivery.

📝 Notes:
Well, Core i3 is a good and capable processor, as like every technology it has good and bad sides. You can read a detailed between Intel Core i3 vs AMD A6 Processors. 

The design of this laptop is pretty, and the touchpad is also very responsive, along with a backlit keyboard to match. The screen and display of the VivoBook thin are amazing, and it looks beautiful with its thin bezel for such a budget-friendly laptop.

There, the Vivobook thin offers all the decent features to use for any office purpose or even to run software like video editing tools or editing apps. This laptop doesn’t get slow over time, maintaining its performance throughout the years as compared to the other laptops in this price range.

There are various positives and various negatives in the Vivobook series, so we have discussed them all below.

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  • You can get a Vivobook laptop for pretty amazing prices and discounts with all the features that it offers.
  • The screens and display with the Vivobook series by Asus is beautiful and better than the Zenbook series.
  • The battery life of these laptops is very long-lasting and satisfactory when you put them to use for years.
  • The build quality is pretty cheap due to lower prices as compared to the Zenbook series.
  • They have a shorter lifetime than the Zenbook series laptop.

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Asus Vivobook Vs Zenbook Final Comparison

As a final comparison, both of these laptop series have their own positives and negatives. We have shared complete details about them. Now for a quick comparison, the Zenbook series delivers great performance and high support to all the latest apps, games, and features, whereas Vivobook lacks in some places. The build quality of Zenbook is better than Vivobook and even long-lasting.

All in all, the Vivobook is way too cheap for the Zenbook series top model laptop. This price is low for the quality and performance that differs from Zenbook. So, you can decide better which one should be your choice.


This was a discussion of a comparison between Asus Vivobook and Zenbook. The comparison showed the performance of both series of laptops by ASUS, and you can decide which would be your choice as a better option from the other from this review.


Q1: Is Zenbook good for gaming as compared to Vivobook?

Ans: Zenbook is way better than Vivobook as compared to Vivobook as it offers the latest features and good support for high-end gaming.

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