Normal CPU Temp While Gaming

Normal CPU Temp While Gaming? Explained In 2023

There are times when we are using our computer systems excessively and they run all day with their power on which can cause them to heat. It is even a bad situation when you are playing games on your computer all day which mostly raises the temperature of your CPU and it can be dangerous. For the people who want to be careful, they must know about normal CPU temp while gaming.

In case you are a regular player of games and you put your system under a lot of loads, then we have got some tips for you to understand the temperature and its situation for most of the time. Gaming can be a great effect on the temperature of your system which is why you need to be careful and you should know what is the normal CPU temperature of your computer.

Optimal Temperatures For Gaming

There are two things to consider when you are measuring the temperatures. One is your CPU or the processor and the other is your GPU or graphics card during gaming. Both of these components take the load and they heat up quickly if they arent properly cooled. The fans on your computer system may be weak or not big enough to cut the heat. It is a must that you should know what are the optimal temperatures for gaming.

For a normal Best gaming laptop under $700, the processor temperature should remain below 40° and when a player is gaming on it, it should not exceed 65°. This is the average situation for the users. But there are some conditions where players get high temperatures on the GPU. Graphics cards can get heated when they run consistently high-end and powerful games. A recommended normal temp for these cards is 40° at normal and 83° to the max even while running high-end games.

Both these temperatures are optimal and considered normal for gaming. In case your PC is going above these temperatures, then you need to get your systems checked for their temperature. There might be a component or hardware issue with your PC or it is possible that anything else might be affecting the hardware.

Good and Bad Temperature For a CPU

A high temperature can be dangerous for your entire computer system and you should always be careful about it. the PC overheating can be a great problem and it can cause your components to burn very easily which can lead to a great disaster for you. Normally these problems occur due to fan problems but sometimes, it is possible that the thermal paste inside your processor or the graphics card is expired which needs to be rechecked for better use and to avoid heat.

Here we have a shared lifespan of CPU that continuously changes with the change of CPU temp with time.

  • 40°C(104℉) is considered as the optimal temperature and it is best for any CPU.
  • At 50°C(122℉), the temperature is also set and suitable for use for your daily tasks.
  • After when your CPU continuously gets 60°, it is possible that its lifetime is about to end.
  • 70°C(158℉) means that your system might have only 1 to 2 years left of normal use.
  • 80°C(176℉) is dangerous and it won’t last long.
  • 90°C(194℉) and above is the highest temperature and very dangerous for your PC which can ruin your PC within weeks or even within months.


This was a discussion about normal CPU temp while gaming where we discussed the best temperatures that are optimal for the CPU and GPU of a computer. For more info, you can check forums for solutions.


Q#1: What is the optimal temperature for a CPU?

Ans: The optimal temperature for a CPU is 37° at normal. For most computers, this temperature is stable between 37° to 45°. A temperature above that is a little bit hot.

Q#2: Should I cool my system when the temperature gets high?

Ans: When your CPU temperature gets high, it is recommended to cool down your system immediately as it might affect the speed of your computer as well as it can damage several components on your motherboard chip.

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