Advantages And Disadvantages Of Gaming Laptops

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Gaming Laptops? Gamers Debate In 2023

Are you trying to save up money just so you can buy a gaming laptop? Or simply want to upgrade to a newer gaming rig since your older laptop is not up to the task anymore?

Want to know the Advantages and Disadvantages of Gaming Laptops? So you can make a better decision about whether or not you should buy in the first place or rather opt out for a desktop or a console. Other than that, it might be the case that you need a good laptop as a daily driver but you also want to play games with it.

Well, if the answer is “Yes” then consider yourself lucky, because you are exactly where you are needed to be, as here in this article there is tons of information that will sort you out.

So without wasting any further time, scroll down to enlighten yourself!

Hey Gamers! Pay Attention – These Are Advantages Of Gaming Laptops:

To give you a precise idea of how well a gaming laptop will benefit you and what are its drawbacks, we will keep the points free from bias, let’s start with the advantages!

1. Top-notch Display.

Unlike standard laptops which often have LCD & Cheap TN panels, gaming laptops tend to have incredibly high-quality AMOLED, QLED, or OLED displays which deliver rich colors with superb vibrancy.

On the other hand, the display also supports higher resolutions such as 2k or 4K which is tremendously ideal for people that want to use it for graphic designing or 3D modeling purposes as they can use it for their large-scale projects.

Moreover, for gamers, the screens offer blazing fast response time and some even have a bare minimum delay time of 1ms which offers an immense advantage, especially in online gaming. 

Meanwhile, in gaming laptops, the refresh rates aren’t locked to 60hz and you would often see some models with 120, 144,240, or even 360hz refresh rates which drastically reduces input lag which also benefits gamers quite well, and enhances their performance.

2. Cutting Edge Hardware.

Standard or office-based laptops often have basic hardware specifications which can barely be used for everyday tasks such as using spreadsheets, surfing the internet, or simply working on Word documents.

However, gaming laptops, on the other hand, are magnificent powerhouses that have some serious hardware packing under their hood.

They even tend to have a dedicated graphics card which not only helps you play your games at a higher graphical configuration but can also be useful for artists and creators that often take part in projects that include 3D design and modeling.

Moreover, the Processors integrated into the gaming machine have a higher core count and can handle multiple exhausting tasks simultaneously which is an impossible feat for an ordinary laptop with a weaker processor.

3. Stylish Aesthetics.

Gaming laptops are absolutely gorgeous with a futuristic design that will instantly want to get your hands on them even if you’re not into gaming.

Their sleek and stylish finish and robust performance give them the label of “Beauty and the beast”.

4. Future Proofed.

Investing in these sorts of devices can be a daunting task especially if you are low on budget, however, once you get your hands on them you can safely assure yourself that your hardware won’t get obsolete for years to come.

As they support multiple upgrades such as Storage & memory based, so if you feel like you are short on memory or have plenty of files to store somewhere, just invest in an SSD or RAM and you are all set.

5. Multitude of Ports.

They also have plenty of ports that support more than just USB peripherals such as HDMI, Display port, thunderbolt jacks, and ethernet for wired connectivity which makes these devices incredibly versatile as you can hook up pretty much anything without having to buy an adapter or a HUB.

Here We Have To Expose The Bad Sides Also – Just To Make It Honest:

Now that we have mentioned the benefits of a gaming laptop, let’s take a look at its drawbacks.

1. Horrendous battery Runtimes.

You cannot expect to have higher performance without having any trade-off, since the hardware integrated into them is incredibly power-hungry, the batteries are often strained to provide more power which takes a toll on its runtime.

Additionally, with the passage of time heat issues can also degrade batteries faster which further reduces the battery runtime that it was originally meant to be.

2. Hefty Price Tags.

These beauties often cost an arm and limb as they are quite expensive to manufacture which is why they tend not to be budget-friendly. Unlike a standard laptop which often costs 300 to 500 dollars at best, these bad boys will be listed for at least 1000 dollars.

3. Not So Portable.

They aren’t lightweight, so don’t expect to carry them everywhere with you as you will be easily weighed down especially if you are traveling a lot.

Being thin and slim is often a rare sight for these sorts of machines as they come in quite bulky sizes due to obvious reasons.

4. Noisy.

Multiple cores and a dedicated graphics card mean you would be dealing with plenty of flaming heat and to dissipate it, multiple fans are needed to trust me they create plenty of noise especially if a gaming laptop is under full load.

Although there are some brands that advertise their laptops to have silent ventilation systems, they are still not as quiet as you would expect them to be, which can be a little annoying if you are using them in places where there is plenty of silence such as a workplace or a library.

This factor can also impact your focus and the people working around you, so expect some weird looks from them since they would be irritated by the noise generated by your laptop while it’s on 100% load.

This video is basically a buying guide for gaming laptops, you can learn a lot from this video. Thanks to Dave2D for this amazing explanation.

Bottom Line

Gaming laptops are tempting electronics due to the multitude of features they have to offer, however, they also have their flaws which can sometimes get unbearable. 

After reading this article I hope you have acknowledged the Advantages and Disadvantages of Gaming Laptops and whether or not it’s suitable for your needs.

Feel free to comment below if you have any other queries, I would be much obliged to help you out!

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