How To Use Two Keyboards On One Computer

How To Use Two Keyboards On One Computer? Full Guide In 2023

Technology has been evolving at such a phenomenal rate that the sky is literally the limit, and as long as you are willing to spend the extra cash, you can create a custom machine to suit your needs.

And all you have to do is simply invest in the right peripherals and you are all set, from multiple monitors to a multitude of wired connections such as keyboards and mice, the possibilities are endless.

That being said, today we are going to discuss How to use Two Keyboards on One Computer simultaneously so you have a real advantage in gaming or simply boost your productivity without being limited to one input device such as a keyboard.

Scroll down below and enlighten yourself with this esoteric knowledge.

How To Use Two Keyboards On One Computer – 2 Methods:

There is more than one way you can do the deed, which we are going to discuss below

1. Through Wired Connections.

Yes, you read that right, as long as you have an adequate amount of ports you can hook up as many keyboards as you want since keyboards nowadays are designed to have plug-and-play features.

  1. Simply insert the USB port of your first keyboard and wait till your operating system detects it.
  2. It’s going to take a while since Windows has to find the appropriate driver for it in order to register keystrokes correctly as it is labeled.
  3. Now, it’s time to plug in your second keyboard, it should be simple as you only have to plug its USB port into your computer.
  4. Now both of your keyboards will be detected by your computer simultaneously and you are all set.
  5. Try typing on it to confirm that both of them work without any issues.
  6. If by any chance you are using a keyboard with a different language, you can simply change the language by heading over to the device manager and assigning it the correct language.

Note: If you are using a dual PS/2 keyboard at the same time, make sure you get the right clock rate, there might be keystroke registration issues such as input lag delay, or abnormal key function or your keyboards may not work at all.

2. Through Bluetooth.

Oftentimes using Bluetooth devices, your computer might get confused and may not receive the input that you want to transmit or maybe your Bluetooth devices may get restarted by themselves since their signals are overlapping each other.

  1. All you have to do is buy a Universal Unifying Receiver and plug it into your Computer hub.
  2. Now connect both of your wireless keyboards to the computer through the Unifying receiver.
  3. Once a connection is established, you will notice a pop-up, implying you are good to go.
  4. However, if by any chance you do face connection issues, try updating your Bluetooth drivers and check again.
  5. In addition to that, if you are using different brands of keyboards, you also need to download its proprietary software, so you can customize its RGB colors as well as create or bind macros.

Note: You can mix both Wired and wireless keyboards without using a universal Unifying receiver since you would be using a single Bluetooth keyboard in this instance, so make you simply plug in the dongle that has come with the package of your wireless keyboard.

2 Benefits Of Using Dual Keyboards

There are a couple of benefits of using dual keyboards,

 Benefit # 1

Picture of Using 2 keyboards on  One PC

Let’s just say you are using a Tenkeyless Keyboard that lacks a dedicated keypad and want a dedicated Numpad, in this case, you can buy a Numpad and use it for your office-related work.

And before you say that using a traditional keyboard is much more convenient, let me remind you that Ten keyless keyboards provide aesthetics that no full layout keyboard can match and it also takes quite less space.

Benefit # 2

Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, or any other split-screen arcade fighting game enables players to use the same keyboard as they play.

However, while using dual keyboards you can play games with your buddies by having the whole keyboard to yourself, this also ensures that the opponent you are challenging won’t be peeking at your keys which may be regarded as cheating.

Bottom Line

So that’s pretty much all you need to know on How To Use Two Keyboards On One Computer and its benefits and how it can enhance your productivity. It’s quite straightforward, so I believe you won’t have any issues following the above methods.

As always, thanks for taking your time and visiting this site, comment below if you have any other query in your mind, I would be happy to help.

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