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Finding the best laptop for your church media to run live online sessions, daily activities, and presentations have now become essential due to the fast-moving technological impact as well as the effects of covid on our lives. To cope up with this situation every institution is using electronic social media for regulating their day-to-day activities. A laptop for the church media will be helpful in many ways e.g. writing sermons, conducting live streaming, managing donations, and playing hymns for the frequent churchgoers, and much more.

However, choosing the best laptop used for the church media can be a little bit complex. Before making a purchase you need to decide your priorities regarding your budget, performance, usage pattern Suppose if you want a laptop with premium specifications in the lowest budget it would not make any sense. Similarly, if you purchase a laptop with high-end specifications just to run your church media activities then it would be a splurge.

In this article, we have researched and reviewed five best laptops that can be used for your church activities as well as other work based on various factors e.g. overall good, premium high-end specifications, and economically reasonable.

Buyer guide

Basic features that should be considered while purchasing the best laptop for church media:

Battery time:

The battery timing of any electronic device is one of the main factors which should be taken into consideration before shopping. So a laptop with a good battery life will run your activities all day long without any need for the plugin.


The processor is the core of the laptop that decides the performance of the laptop. so before buying a laptop you should examine its processor type, frequency, power, and usage pattern then choose a laptop according to your requirements.


Again you need to decide the importance of a good display in a laptop according to your requirements e.g. if you are a gamer or graphic designer you need a laptop with a high refresh rate display. and if you are an accountant there is no need to have a high-quality display


Having good storage capacity and RAM is one of the crucial features which should be good enough to store and run heavy data seamlessly. The memory of any laptop should be compatible with its processor

Recommended features for the church media laptops:

specification Required Recommended
processor Intel core i3 Intel core i5
storage 128 GB 256 GB
display 12 inch 13 inch
Battery time 6 hours  8 hours

Apple MacBook pro premier powerful and portable laptop top choice for pastors

Apple MacBook pro premier

Apple MacBook Pro is our premium and top choice in the list of best laptops for church media because of its powerful processor, high-quality retina display, and high-end performance.

Apple MacBookSpecification
Display13.3-inch retina display
Processor type Intel i5 10 gen
Storage 256,512 or 1 TB SSD
RAM16 Gb
Battery time 10 hours
Operating system  Mac OS
Processor count   Quad-core
screen resolution 2560 by 1600 native resolution
Graphics Intel iris plus graphics 645
Weight 3.01 pounds


 Apple is the pioneer of laptops in the world due to its powerful processors and exceptional performance. mac book pro has been powered with the latest intel core i5, 10th generation quad-core with a turbo boost frequency up to 3,9GHz so as a priest you will be able to stream live sessions to the masses smoothly.


Storage is the main element of the laptop that should be compatible enough to store and run applications flawlessly. there are three storage variants available in this laptop so you can upgrade it according to your needs. A laptop with 256 SSD and 512 SSD will be adequate to meet church media requirements.


Having 16 GB of RAM is more than enough for the execution of church media activities flawlessly. Even it is quite excessive than the required RAM


With a 13.3-inch LED-backlit Retina full high definition display and a true tone technology, this device will give you a lifetime lively experience with high-quality screen time.

Operating system:

The operating system of any laptop decides the user’s interaction with other applications. Apple has designed its operating system for its laptops. mac OS interface is easily comprehensible and users can easily download and run applications through safari without any lags.

Connectivity ports:

 Connectivity ports are used to keep external sources connected to the laptop. you can use them for various activities. Four thunderbolts type C are given in this laptop so you can stay connected to the external multimedia source.

Battery time: The good battery life is one of the crucial element which should be considered in the best laptops for the church media. The battery life of up to 10 hours in a MacBook Pro is more than enough for the execution of activities with

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  • Unique retina display makes everything looks alive and natural.
  • Versatile options are provided in the storage options.
  • Powerful processor
  • Spacious keys with backlit keyboards are quite comfortable to use.
  • Premium high-quality laptop with a premium price,
  • A little bit pricey.

As a pastor, if you want to do a one-time investment in a worth buying laptop then there is no better option than this MacBook pro. Sleek and elegant design with the most user-friendly operating system makes it an ideal choice for everyone.

 hp pavilion 15 with Intel Irish plus graphics: An ultimate choice for everyone

 hp pavilion 15 with Intel Irish plus graphics

Hp is the main and tough competitor of apple in the laptop industry because of its distinctive features within approachable prices.hp pavilion 15 is the runner-up in our list and one of the best laptops used for the church media activities.

hp pavilion 15Specification
Display15.6 inch
Processor type Intel core i7
Storage 512 SSD
RAM16 Gb
Battery time 10 hours
Operating system  Windows 10 pro
Processor count   Quad-core
screen resolution 1920 by 1080
Graphics CardIntel Irish plus
Weight 4.08 pounds


Hp pavilion has been powered with the latest intel core i7,10th generation quad-core processor with a turbo boost frequency up to 3.9GHz which is exceptional to perform church media activities on a larger scale.


 Storage is the key element in determining the speed efficiency of the laptop. with a storage capacity of 512 SSD and a RAM of 16 GB store transfer and stream heavy data without latency time.


The backlit display with the 15.6-inch size full HD diagonal, IPS panel, and the resolution of 1920 by 1080 is perfect for streaming live sessions to the churchgoers. micro-edge bezels around the lid make the viewing angles wider and brighter.


As for connectivity options, there are two USB options and three ports are provided for the ethernet connection.


The overall design of the laptop is ultra-thin and lightweight that is easily portable anywhere. a laptop has been designed environmentally friendly with a low halogen level, mercury-free backlit display, and arsenic-free display glass.

Operating system:

The laptop has been installed with the latest windows 10 pro operating system which has easy to use interface and runs applications smoothly according to church media laptop requirements.

Battery life:

With a battery life of up to 10 hours in a single charge hp pavilion15, is one of the best laptops with good battery timings. Within just 1 hour and 15 minutes, it gets fully charged.

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  • Thin, sleek, and lightweight design makes it highly portable
  • The display has been designed according to the environmental standards
  • Versatile ports options are available
  • Good battery life up to 10 hours is sufficient to stay all day long
  • Intel Irish plus graphics processor is provided to experience the premier graphics.
  • Thunderbolt 3 bolts are not available.

“Hp pavilion 15 is one the best options to consider for church media because of its intel Irish graphics and wider environmentally friendly display within valuable price range”

ASUS VIVOBOOK 15 with nano edge display: a perfect mid-range laptop for pastors


If you are looking for a laptop with a large screen display according to the church multimedia requirements then you should consider our 3rd laptop in the list of best laptops for church media which is a good laptop within a reasonable price.

ASUS VIVOBOOK 15Specification
Display15.6 inch
Processor Intel core i5,10 generation
Storage 512 SSD
Battery time Upto 7 hours
Operating system  Windows 10 home
Processor count   4
screen resolution 1920 by 1080
Graphics coprocessorIntel UHD graphics
Weight 3.5 pounds


The powerful processor is the core of the laptop. Asus vivobook 15 has been powered with the latest 10th generation, intel core i5 processor, the cache memory of 6M, and turbo boost frequency up to 3.6Ghz.with this processor priests and church staff can easily perform their duties seamlessly without any lag.


Storage and processor are the two main features of any laptop that need to complement each other for high performance. Having 8GB RAM and 512 SSD storage is a perfect combination with the intel i5 processor to run heavy software without any glitch.

Operating system:

Windows 10 home is the latest operating system that has been installed on this laptop at such a reasonable price. so you can enjoy streaming live videos, run applications, and download software according to your needs within seconds.


The display quality of the laptop is one of the reasons to consider it for the church media list. with its 15.6-inch screen size display and IPS panel screen looks wider and excellent due to nano-size bezels around the thin chassis which shows the whole display impressive.


 The whole design of the laptop is sturdy but portable due to the narrow bezels which increase the screen-to-body ratio by 88%, The keys are spacious with the backlit ergo lift keyboard design and a number pad for comfortable typing.

Battery life:

The Asus vivobook is an impressive device with a battery time of 7 hours which is enough at such an affordable price. For pastors who prefer to purchase a durable but mid-range device, the Asus vivobook is the best option.

Connectivity options:

 The laptop has been equipped with multiple connectivity options. Type-A, type-C USB 3.2, HDMI, and a micro SD card reader are enough to connect multimedia projects, external data source, and an adaptor

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  • Affordable price
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Ergolift keyboard for the comfortable typing
  • Nano edge display for a wider screen
  • Average battery life

“Within this price range, the Asus vivobook with a powerful processor, ergo lift keyboard, and nano edge display is an ideal option for the church media”

Dell Inspiron 3000 full HD with a touchscreen and antiglare display: an ideal least budget laptop

Dell Inspiron 3000 full HD

As being a pastor to a chapel, there is no need to splurge your money on premium laptops because of the less workload regarding managing charities, online sessions, and administration then dell Inspiron 3000 is the perfect option to run church media activities.

Dell Inspiron 3000Specification
Display15.6 inch
Processor Intel core i3,10 generation
Storage 128 SSD
Memory speed 3.4 GHz
Operating system  Windows 10 home 64 bit
Processor count   Dual-core
screen resolution 1366 by 768
Graphics coprocessorIntel UHD graphics
Weight 4.45 pounds


Within this price, it has been powered with the intel core i3 dual-core, latest 10 generation processor which is quite reasonable to run applications that require less effort as well as perfect for the smooth performance of day to day church activities


The storage capacity of 8GB RAM and 128 SSD is compatible enough to compel with the intel core i3 processor for uninterrupted and fluent multitasking.


A laptop has been designed with a 15.6-inch anti-glare full HD display which is classical to use for the live streaming or presentation in the church. The anti-glare display is used to decrease the effect of reflected lights. so you can use the screen without straining your eyes.

Operating system:

Windows 10 home 64 bit has been installed as its operating system which has easy to use interface. so you can easily browse multiple tabs and run software without any hassles

Design: sturdy and reliable body with a touchscreen is perfect at such a reasonable price. the keyboard has well-spaced keys with a number pad and a trackpad that supports Microsoft windows gestures.

Battery life:

 You can get up to 7 to 8 hours of battery life from this laptop and it is more than enough to carry out the church daily routine tasks.

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  • Most budget-friendly option
  • Anti-glare Full HD display
  • Touchscreen
  • Adequate RAM
  • A little bit heavy.

“Specifically, Dell Inspiron 3000 is a durable and reliable device with an anti-glare display at this price range and is one of the best laptops used for the church media”

Frequently asked questions

Q#1: How much processing power is needed to run church media activities?

Ans: The simple answer to this question is “very less’’

But again it depends on your church’s day-to-day activities. if you want a laptop for managing charities, playing hymns, and browsing the applications then i3  with 4GB RAM will be sufficient for this purpose. But if you want to live streaming to a larger number of people then you may need a laptop with the i5 or i7 processor with a RAM of 8GB.

Q#2: How much storage capacity is required to avoid lags?

Ans: Most importantly, don’t go for the typical hard disk drives which are very slow and outdated to carry out applications. Choose the right storage capacity in solid-state drive according to your requirements. suppose if you have to store excessive data, videos and run heavy applications then 256GB SSD is needed otherwise to carry out casual pastor tasks then 128GB will be sufficient.

Q#3: How much display size is preferable for church media?

Ans: Display quality and size are key factors that should be evaluated based on your church size. if you are a pastor of a chapel then most probably there is no need for live streaming on a larger scale so you can choose a display of 13.3-inch size. But if you use the laptop for the daily live streaming to the masses then a 15.6-inch screen size with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 will be preferable.


We have researched and given our best in finding the best laptops used for church media. Usually, there is no need for high-end specifications required to run church activities but still for your convenience and choice the above two laptops are premium and having high specifications, and perfect for cathedral media tasks. Similarly, the below two laptops are best for mid-range workloads and perfect for chappel media tasks. you can choose any laptop among these four laptops but still, if you want to choose any other laptop then kindly consider our mentioned specifications before buying a laptop.

Hope this article will help you a lot. If you have any queries, you may ask in the comments section.

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