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Asus vs Lenovo Laptops Reviewed & Suggested To You 2023

Asus and Lenovo are both reputable brands. Both serve the public with many incredible electronics and have a name in the laptop industry as well.

Although both are big brands of laptops, Lenovo relatively shares a higher portion of the market than Asus. And, Asus excels in creating exceptional motherboards.

When the choice comes between choosing from two of the biggest laptop brands on the market, you cannot possibly tell which manufacturer is the best. Both laptop brands are excellent, and both offer incredible features.

But, when it comes to discussing key features of both of the top laptop models, you can see how both laptops ultimately differ from one another. And at the end of the day, it comes to your preferences; which thing do you like in your laptop, and which one will satisfy you the most?

Today we will be discussing some of the most important, Asus Vs Lenovo, key insights of both of these excellent laptop brands that will help you choose between the two.

ASUS Laptops

A company made by the four engineers who worked formerly at Acer produced many electronic devices, including laptops. Even though the engineer formerly belonged to a separate company, Asustek is still an OEM that produces excellent forms of hardware.

Asustek has been ranked the 6th largest PC vendor by Gartner. Asustek has been producing multitudes with great, innovative features and incredible designs; they also have a pretty good warranty.

Asus also produces the amazing Zenbook series, out of which we’ve concluded our top pick. Let’s discuss the salient features of our top pick below.

ASUS ZenBook 13 (UX333FA)

Processor8th Gen Core i7
Battery life11 hours and 28 minutes
DesignRoyal blue aluminum ocean
AudioWell-balanced lead and background sounds.
PortsUSB-A port and HDMI port
Display13.3 inch, 1920×1080 p resolution, glossy panel
Keyboard and touchpadWhite backlighting, digital number pad- touchpad built-in.
Performance15,110. Transcodes videos fast enough. Copies about 4.79 GB in a matter of seconds
GraphicsIntel UHD 620 GPU
HeatWell responsive to heat
SoftwareNo bloatware except windows 10
Warranty1 year limited.
  • Military-grade reliable durability.
  • LCD panel with 90% body ratio.
  • Loud and clear audio.
  • Great processing power.
  • Exceptional performance.
  • My Asus Portalpresent for upcoming updates.
  • Impacts heavy usage.
  • No headphone jack.
  • Ethernet cable is absent.
  • Not suitable for gaming. 

Asus has produced a brilliant Zenbook- laptop. This laptop has budget pricing but doesn’t just dismiss the laptop on the fact that it’s not as costly as it should be, a good device does not have to break any pricing records. It just has to perform very well, and this Zenbook 13 has done that.

In budget pricing this laptop has become one of Asustek’s best sellers in a very short period of time, although Asustek shares a lesser portion of the market than Lenovo, Asustek laptops have incredible warranties. Let’s take a look at the salient features of the Asus Zenbook 13.


The Zenbook is amazing in a variety of ways and here are some of its most incredible features.

All these incredible features make the Asustek experience worthwhile, The graphics are amazing, and they deliver an exceptional visual experience for the user. The Asustek design is incredible as well- comes with an Aluminium Alloy with a diamond cut. In terms of build quality and feel, you can visualize how smooth it is.

The design is also pretty slim and weighs less, you can easily carry it around anywhere you’d like. The color production is also very amazing. The brightened level is sufficient for indoor and outdoor lighting.

The webcam is located at the top middle of the laptop’s screen. The laptop also supports the face recognition option and the webcam output is amazing. The sound quality is well-balanced and efficient.

The keyboard is very beautiful to look at and it also supports a numeric pad within the touchpad. There are also multiple hotkeys with independent functions. Another good function is the restart takes less than 30 minutes.

The battery life supported by this  Asustek model is amazing. It goes on for about  11 hours and 30 minutes on a fully charged battery.  For a normal routine, the battery supports 20 hours’ worth of backup. There are multiple more good details already mentioned in the above category.

This is the best here.

Lenovo Laptops

Lenovo Group LTD or formerly known as the “Lenovo Legion” company is a Chinese-based company.

Lenovo has the highest shares in the market. It has become one of the leading laptop brands. Lenovo laptops are renowned for their incredible laptops that are used in many work-based and school-based projects.

Lenovo was first recognized as a  mobile phone company. The company has progressed with the help of strategy acquisition companies like IBM, Motorola, etc. But now, Lenovo is a world leader in developed PCs. It is the largest personal computer producing company in the world today.

Although Thinkpads are the most popular among the laptop Lenovo manufacturers, the Yoga line is also exceptional for business and personal use. Despite that, there’s the Legion gaming series which is purchased by gamers all over the world.

Lenovo laptops have amazing features. Today we will be discussing the salient features possessed by the Lenovo Yoga line. Our top pick from the Lenovo Yoga line is the Lenovo Yoga i9. 

Let’s discuss the amazing features possessed by this model of Lenovo.

Lenovo Yoga i9

Processor11th Gen Intel core i7
Battery Life60Wh
DesignConvertible, and made from aluminum, hs fingerprint reader
PriceBudget pricing
AudioFour 2W speakers


Soundbar hinge


PortsTwo Thunderbolt 4


USB-A 3.2 (Gen 2)

3.5mm audio

Display14’ touch 1920×1080 p resolution. 3840×2160 UHD
Keyboard and touchpadThree-stage backlight. precision
PerformanceExceptional with a fingerprint reader.
GraphicsIntregated Intel Iris Xe
WebcamFront-facing, 720 p
HeatDoesn’t heat very quickly. Probably on uneven or bare surfaces.
Software and WarrantyWindows 10 home and pro with a 1-year warranty.
  • Optional leather lid.
  • Glass palm rest.
  • Extended battery life of about 10+ hours.
  • Excellent audio. 
  • No dedicated GPU in 14’’ one.
  • Limited battery life in 15” yoga i9.
  • HDR only available at 4K in Yoga i9 14. 

Lenovo’s Yoga line series is famous for its delivery in terms of work and school-based purposes. There’s a high reputation for the yoga line on the business premises. The Yoga i9 by Lenovo is a brilliant convertible laptop. It delivers high-quality performance. It also has an extended battery life, which is a much-needed feature during business hours. You cannot rely on a laptop that has a shorter lifespan.

There are two types of Yoga i9. Both differ in inches, but when looking for more budget pricing we will approach the yoga i9 14 more. Although both of the siblings do not have much of a difference, one point to be noted would be that the i9 15 has a more dedicated GPU. and its FHD displays offers HDR, unlike its yoga i9 sibling.

Both of the yoga i9 siblings have relatively little difference but most people refuse to pay a little extra for yoga i9 15 when they can get all of the similar qualities in a 14’’ display without having to spend more from their budget.

Yoga i9 has also been said to be one of the best budget laptops that can be both with exceptional qualities. Given that, let’s take a look at the qualities possessed by the Yoga i9.


The features possessed by the Lenovo Yoga i9 are given below.

There are multiple exquisite features that are detailed on the Yoga i9 by Lenovo. These features make the overall experience of the laptop better and more innovative. You cannot dismiss these laptops for any reason even though their warranty is a little less than Asus, they are still exceptional laptops with excellent key features and more ports than the Asus laptop provides.

The Lenovo laptops possess business designs, especially the Yoga line- it is more prominent for business usage. Whereas, if you look for an Asus you may see that those laptops are better and more durable for gaming purposes than Lenovo laptops. Lenovo laptops are durable enough for business purposes and can be bought with convenient pricing.
This one looks really amazing.


Both Asus and Lenovo are exceptional laptop brands and both have many advantages and disadvantages. Although both are excellent, you cannot say that they both are similar. They are different brands that possess entirely different properties.

The comparison stands firm and you have to choose one from these two based on your own preferences and demands.

Q1: Is Lenovo an Asus brand? 

Ans: No, they are both separate brands.

Q2: What is Acer Lenovo? 

Ans: Acer and Lenovo are both separate brands that manufacture electronics.

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