How Many Cores Do Games Use

How Many Cores Do Games Use

Cores and threads in a processor of a computer give a powerful experience for the latest games. For the latest games, they use more than 1 core on a computer. But for the old pc games, 1 core is just enough to run the games that don’t require any high specifications. The latest gaming computers come with a minimum of 4 cores, and for most games, quad cores are an ideal fit to use.

Quad-core CPUs are the most accessible and feasible processors that give good performance for running suitable mid-ranged games. You cant answer this in a single line that how many  do games use, so we take this discussion a little further and deeper to understand everything in detail.

Let’s start with the basics about how many cores do games use in 2021.

Single-Core vs. Multi-Core Performance

From the past, the games that were released back then didn’t usually were programmed to use more cores of the CPU, which is why they didn’t require taking advantage of multiple cores. But with the current trends and changes, the processors have been enhanced, and the cores in a CPU have been increased, which is why it’s better and suitable for the latest games to run on multi-cores.

Best Motherboard for i5 CPUs provides endless capabilities to the users, and this has been over a decade that the cores are being increased to enhance the performance of games as well as increase the speed of a computer system.


The performance of a single core is very important for gaming as compared to multi-cores. Every single core counts as important for the smoothness of the games. Single-core computers can run some fine games, but they cant provide the ultimate utilization of games with their best. The core count should be neglected as what a single-core can would be better done from a multiple-core system.


Multi-cores systems have spread in the market, and they are best and optimal in use for gaming purposes, which makes them a suitable choice as compared to single-cores. They provide multiple threads, such as a six-core system is considered the best CPU for a middle-range gaming experience. The best kind of mid-ranged CPUs with multiple cores are core i5-9600K and the AMD Ryzen 5 3600x.

Talking about the budget-friendly build, the quad-core CPUs still have the best demand as they provide a good experience for medium-ranged gaming and are viable for budget builds. These CPUs are powered with enough resources that can run some basic and fine games that don’t require high components to run them on the system. A game like Minecraft can be run with a single-core CPU, but a game like Call of Duty or Battlefield requires more than 2 cores in order to run smoothly and work efficiently.

So, this means that multi-cores in a gaming world are best for playing the latest games over a single-core system. All of the latest games require more than 4 cores, and most of them work incredibly fine if you are running a CPU with 6 cores or more than that.


This was a discussion about how many cores do games use, and we discussed how many cores the latest games require at minimum to perform efficiently. We discussed single and multi-core CPUs and their performance for the games to understand how many cores are useful to run high-end games.


Q#1: How many cores do most games use?

Ans: Most of the games are using six cores generally in 2021. Because the latest games involve a lot of graphics and processing with the textures in order to make everything better over time, this makes it suitable to use more cores for reliable gaming.

Q#2: Is a 6 core processor good?

Ans: A six-core processor is good for use, and it provides a good gaming experience in case you are running multiple tasks and using software for video editing and other activities. 6 cores are optimal support for good gaming as well.

Q#3: Are 4 cores 8 threads good for gaming?

Ans: A processor having 4 cores and 8 threads is a suitable choice for games that have a requirement of such cores.

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