How to Reduce Ping

How to Reduce Ping For Gaming? Guide In 2023

Ping is actually something that measures latency. It tells us how quickly a signal is being sent and returned back to the computer. Ping in gaming context means that how much time it will take to send and receive your gameplay which includes the movement of the character and firing bullets, and other such things. High ping means the signal is taking more time to send and receive the output from the server. This causes lag for the gamers, which is why they experience a delay.

For gamers, high ping can be a headache as it can cost them to lose the match in several online multiplayer battles. Under such conditions, gamers want to know how to reduce ping so that they can have a better online gaming experience without lag or any other problem. We have a solution for such a problem, and we are going to discuss it here. Here is the complete review of the best Laptop Under $400.

3 Ways to Reduce Ping

Generally, if you want to optimize your ping, you have to improve your connection speed. The internet connection can greatly affect your ping, causing a lot of lag and delay in your gameplay. You cannot fix such an issue without fixing your internet speed first. Other than this, these are the following techniques through which the ping of your computer can be reduced.

Run Computer Maintenance

Running a computer maintenance setup can help you to improve your device speed, and it can also greatly reduce the ping of your gaming setup. It makes the connection stable and smooth so that you can experience how clearly you are able to communicate with the use of your router for the internet.

You can also look at other things that might affect your internet speed. These things include the cable that you are using for your internet connection. There are multiple categories for these cables that range from 3 to 8 and are called Cat 3 cable or Cat 8 cable. The cable gets more improvement with the higher category, and it provides a stable connection at more distance. Your transmission is greatly improved with an upgraded cable, and internet bandwidth is increased as well.

A normal cat five ethernet cable has the ability to handle internet speeds of 1,000 Mbps or greater. Try replacing outdated cables as they hardly provide a speed of 100 Mbps which is not of any use with the current and latest apps and games.

Check Router Setup

The routers play an important in the performance of an internet connection, and the speed of your internet can be greatly affected by it. There are few router maintenance tips that you should try on your router in order to reduce ping.

  • A router stores a lot of caches when it is used for a long time with multiple devices, which is why you would have to clear the cache of the router by performing a hard reset on the router to clear its cookies. This would make your device neat and clean.
  • The objects are walls are most likely to act as an obstruction between your gaming setup and the router. This could cause a slow internet speed, which is why you experience high ping. Make sure to place the router in an open space where the signals can easily travel to your device.
  • Updating your router’s firmware is another way of improving the ping and reducing the lag of your online multiplayer games. This can provide good speed in case you’re your router up to date.

Run Internet Speed Test

You can check your speed of internet so that you can analyze whether it is a problem with your internet connection or there is an issue with any other thing. Check by using a good internet speed test tool and see if there is a problem with your internet provider. In case if that’s the problem, consider replacing your network provider.


This was solution article for a problem that user usually asks, how to reduce ping. We provided easy solutions and quick analysis for improving the ping speed of your connection.


Q#1: Can I improve ping?

Ans: You can improve the speed of ping by using a reliable and secure connection that provides good internet speed with the use of quality cables and a reliable router.

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