Using A Laptop Hard Drive In Desktops – How To Do It In 2023

Laptops and desktops have almost the same operating system. Although they do differ in software. They may appear the same but are different in terms of parts and design. The hard drives in particular are also very different. You can find hard drives of almost three different kinds of laptops. And you also found systems using a laptop hard drive on the desktop. We will explain how it works!

When we address the issue of fixing another hard drive in a laptop, the problem that arises is with the motherboards of desktop PCs. Most desktop motherboards do not support or connect with the laptop’s hard drive. This, in turn, causes problems in the laptop or desktop.

There are several chances of the severe damage done to the laptops and data loss of the hard drive during this process. So, this is not a very recommendable procedure. Unless of course, the hard drive belongs to an old laptop or a broken one, then it is preferred.

Insert a laptop’s hard drive into Desktop

Although it may not be a very long procedure, it definitely is a technical one. You cannot afford to mess it up because it will cause damage to both your PC and laptop’s hard drive and you may not even be able to recover lost data.

Given that, there are certain things required for us to begin the procedure of removing the hard disk and installing it on a desktop. For that purpose, we will need the given instruments.


The materials required for beginning this procedure are:

Laptop and Desktop PC
IDE or SATA hard drive
2.5-3.5’’ adapter converter
A USB cable.
An IDE cable.
 A Screwdriver

Besides that, please note that the hard drive of the laptop can possess three different kinds, which are:

  1. IDE
  2. SATA
  3. SSD or SSHD

Your laptop would possess one of the given three and you will have to handle the procedure accordingly. With that information given let’s take a look at how many types of adapters and connectors are there that form a good connection. Based on performance, these are:

  • IDE to IDE.
  • IDE to SATA
  • IDE to USB
  • SATA to IDE
  • SATA to SATA
  • SATA to USB
  • SSD to IDE
  • SSD to SATA

Step by step guide to inserting Hard Drive into PC


There are two different ways you can insert the HDD of the best laptop for dental school into your PC. Those ways are:

  1. You can connect the HDD directly into the motherboard without any connectors or adapters installed.
  2. You can use USB connections- series of connectors and adapters- for inserting your HDD from laptop to desktop PC.

Although both ways are not that complex., they aren’t sufficient either. There are many disadvantages out of which, one is the laptop being damaged to its core because of repairing, replacing, and maybe the hard drive loses all its data which cannot be recovered.


Here’s what you have to do to make this work:

  1. Turn off the laptop and remove the battery.
  2. Find your hard drive after unscrewing it from the laptop and check for connection specifications.
  3. Purchase which adapter and connections are needed if you don’t already possess spare ones.
  4. Now, its time to plug in the hard drive with either USB connections or directly into the motherboard, which is also fine if the hard drive is supported by your PC’s motherboard.
  5. Now all you have to do is power on your PC>> find your settings>> discover BIOS>> check for the update of a connected hard drive.
  6. You can either alternate the jumpers in the HDD or first boot device priority both works because it determines whether the attached motherboard acts as a primary or a secondary.


There may be many reasons for converting a laptop to a PC. But, while performing this procedure you have to be certain not to damage the HDD of your laptop.


Q#1: Does the connected drive perform at the primary rate? 

Ans: No, new synchronization may slow down the performance rate.

Q#2: Can I connect a SATA or SSD to the motherboard with IDE compatibility? 

Ans: Yes, it is a very complex procedure to connect those which is made easier by the presence of adapters and connectors- can be purchased when needed.

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