Toshiba laptop keep freezing

Toshiba laptop keep freezing, How to Fix it?

If your Toshiba laptop starts to acts up, like running slow on Windows, or your Toshiba laptop keeps freezing and does not respond So, you have to fix it because this situation could get worse.

It never matters whether you are using a new brand one or an old Toshiba laptop, your PC will run slower over time.

In this article, we will share with you the common performance issues for slowing or freezing issues of the Toshiba vs hp laptop and their best possible solutions.

Mouse of Toshiba Laptop Become Frozen

If the touchpad of the laptop or external USB mouse, randomly freezes and do not move around, Or the cursor does not respond when you are trying to move it.

So, you have to follow these steps to fix it:

  • In step one if the touchpad is enabled then press the “F9” + “Fn” keys at the same time and for some other Toshiba models try F5 alone instead.
  • These keyboard shortcuts are designed to enable or disable the touchpad software. Apply this and see if it works
  • If the first step doesn’t work:
  • So now shut the computer and remove the power cord, flip over the laptop and also you have to remove the battery. Then put now the battery back and plug in the cable of power.
  • Turn on your laptop.
  • This step should be work.

Toshiba laptop keeps freezing after 5 to 10 mins

If your laptop freezes after, every 5 to 10 minutes or randomly it starts freezing, when it happens or comes with a page delay or becomes totally irresponsive.

  • So, you should have to quit the browser or restart your computer


  • Viruses in your computer may cause a freezing issue in your device.
  • Specifications of your laptop are lower than the optimal for running the latest version of Windows 10
  • Possibility of Cluttered system registry errors.
  • The freezing issue can be caused due to device driver issues,

these drivers are the bridges for the hardware to communicate with OS.

If they are corrupted so there is a possibility that the computer system can be freeze.

  • Third-party software issue means especially those applications which are demanding more resources to run in a device, so in results, it freezes the computer system
  • Overheating can also the cause of the freezing issue of laptops.

How to fix it?

  • For overheating, first of all, clean the heat sink and buy a laptop cooling pad for resolving the heating or overheating of the laptop.

Most importantly avoid running several programs at once, or it is not recommended that you use your laptop for gaming.

  • You have to make sure your all programs up to date and avoid opening several applications at once
  • For registry errors, you have to get CCleaner and run the program to detect and fix the issue of registry errors.
  • In the last step downgrade to a lower windows OS.


Q#1: Why does Toshiba laptop keep freezing up?

Ans: Issue of laptop freezing happens due to the following major reasons:

  • Overheating because of the non-maintenance of the laptop.
  • It is also caused by insufficient RAM.
  • The softer issue is also a reason for laptop freezing.

Q#2: How could I boot my Toshiba laptop in safe mode?

Ans: For booting the Toshiba laptop in safe mode, you have to turn off the computer and then turn it back on. Before booting into Windows, hold down the Function (fn) key, and at the same time press F8 on your laptop keyboard.

Now you should be able to access Safe Mode from the high advanced startup screen.

Final words

That’s all about the Toshiba laptop keep freezing, and its possible solutions. If you still have confusion, you can ask us in the comments section.

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