Toshiba Laptop Backlit Keyboard

Toshiba Laptop Backlit Keyboard

Toshiba is a company that makes electronics and business items for buyers. Notwithstanding HD TVs and PCs, the organization designs its own DVD players, lighting items, printers, LCD, and all such gadgets. It is a Japanese organization in Tokyo that combines the designs and lighting of certain products. Toshiba Laptop Backlit Keyboard

The organization also makes Android cell phones and tablets, but they are only sold in Japan to customers. For international business, Toshiba is only dealing with the customers who want PC, Laptop, Led TVs, and all the other such electronic equipment.

If you are looking for hp vs Toshiba laptops that have backlit on their keyboard and you want to know more about it, then here in this informational article, we are sharing info for Toshiba backlit keyboards.

About Backlit Keyboards

Knowing the specific position and composition of your keys is important when you are doing work on your system. Illuminated consoles or keyboards are, to some degree, amazing features for the users in a laptop; however, in the current era, this is turning out to be increasingly normal.

TOSHIBA Keyboard Backlight is the feature for initiating and controlling light keyboards in your Toshiba laptop. But there is a disadvantage of using this light feature because when your laptop is not connected to a charger, your battery tends to drain faster than it drains in a normal routine. So this will make a difference in your work as you won’t be able to use your laptop for as much time as you did before.

List of Top Toshiba Backlit Keyboards

  • Toshiba Portege Z930 Z935 Z830 Z835 Series with Backlit
  • Toshiba Portege Z930-K01S Laptop English Keyboard
  • Toshiba Satellite R700 U800
  • Qosmio X505, G50, F60 Laptop Russian

It doesn’t matter that you have to keep the lights turned on all the time. You don’t need the lights working in the day time. So it is recommended that you only turn this feature on when you are working at night. This will save your power.

Having a keyboard with lights is a useful component as when you are typing in the dark or working at night, it causes strain on your eyes to see and search for keys again and again. This light helps you see the keys better and lets you do your work at ease.

Configuring Backlight for your Toshiba Laptop

You can set your keys to stay on all the time while you are working on your Laptop. You have to follow these steps below.

  • Go to Start >Toshiba and then select Utilities > HWSetup and then select Illumination.
  • Under the “Keyboard Backlight,” option there will be a radio button “FN.”
  • You have to check the box “On.”
  • Reboot your system, and you’ll be able to turn the keyboard lights on or off by using the following keys. “FN” + “Z”.


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Q#1: How to turn the LED light On, on my keyboard?

Ans: Depending on your laptop model, it may be configured to have the controls for the backlit keyboard, and the keys may be the F9 or F11 button. For most cases, Fn + F11 is the basic key for turning on the backlight of the keyboard.

Q#2: Where is the Fn key located on the keyboard?

Ans: The majority of portable electronics manufacturers currently place the Fn key between the left Control key and to the left of the Windows key.

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