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The laptop is needed by every person these days, whether you are a student, teacher, business person or a housewife. In the same, if you are a student of nursing, you must be in search of the best laptop for nursing students to fulfill the digital requirements of courses.

In general, the students related to the medical field do not know much about technologies like laptops and many others. So this article is especially for the students who are in search of the best computer for nursing students.

By reading this article you will assuredly get the idea of which laptop you are gonna choose for you. Generally, laptops that are used specifically for nursing students must have a lightweight, efficient GPU and wider display. There is no need to work on heavy software, ultimately the processor up to the 4th generation is fine for you.

Selecting over a million laptops becomes a tricky task and for this reason here is a list of the laptops selected on the behalf of their efficient and speedy processing. So without any delay let’s go for them.

ASUS Chromebook Flip-best laptop for nursing students

ASUS Chromebook Flip

Indeed the best Chromebook that can do compatible work like a laptop at less price and give more efficient work. Additionally, its backlit keyboard allows snappier typing and keeps your hand in a natural position.

ASUS Chromebook Flip-best laptopSpecification
Display12.5 inches
Graphic coprocessor Intel HD graphics 515
Maximum screen resolution1920 X 1080 pixels
Operating system Chrome OS
RAM size  of graphic card4 GB
Processor count2
Storage 64 GB
Battery lifeUp to10 hours
Number of port for USB 3.02


For clear and high-quality display Chromebook is designed with 12.5 inches screen with a flexible 360-degree hinge. The HD touchscreen is so responsive that it can easily recognize very gentle touch. The perfect combination of screen size and resolution allow the fine quality of display


For efficient and snappier performance, ASUS Flip is updated with the latest dual-core Intel processor that shows less lag and quick results with minimum mistakes. Ultimately you can get more accurate results with very little time by using it.


A backlit keyboard makes typing easier for the person who is typing on it. Furthermore, keys are located at a suitable distance so that your typing speed increases without creating mistakes in your text.

Battery life

A battery life of up to 10 hours is enough for a student to complete its assignment or home task. The problem of connecting the laptop with the charger, again and again, is resolved by using AUSU Chromebook Flip.


A sleek and aluminum metal body catches every person’s eyes towards it. Metal bodies not only make it attractive but also make the body graspable and reliable and protect from damage in case of a slip.

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  • With 2 ports for USB 3.0, you can easily receive and transfer data within a couple of seconds.
  • The backlit keyboard allows easier and snappier typing.
  • With a battery life of 10 hours, you can increase working hours without keeping it on a charge.
  • The lightweight and attractive look makes it classy and reliable.
  • Does not show lag while switching among different tabs and apps.

  • average quality of the display.
  • Its display is designed with a perfect combination of screen width and resolution but shows some faded colors.
  • The metal aluminum body makes it unique and reliable.

Apple MMGG2LL-  with long-lasting battery life


Apple is a brand that always designed devices with productive features so this Apple MMGG2LL laptop is simply the best computer for nursing students as it has all the features that will surely be used to perform all the digital tasks required while doing nursing.

Apple MMGG2LLSpecification
Display13.3 inches
Graphic coprocessor Intel HD graphics 900
Maximum screen resolution1440 X 900 pixels
Operating system Mac OS X
Processor Intel core i5
Storage 256 GB
Battery lifeUp to 11 hours
2.96 pounds
Number of port for USB 3.02


To enhance processing without lag this laptop is updated with an Intel Core i5 dual-core processor with a frequency of 1.6 GHz. Turbo boosts up within 2.7 GHz and L3 cache. So this processor is perfect for every student.


With the RAM of 5 GB with the RAM speed up to 1600 MHz LPDDR3 can easily process many apps without slowing down laptop speed and with minimum lag.


PCle based storage of 256 GB is enough for a student to keep its data relevant to their courses. Furthermore, this storage is enough to keep their data as well.


The resolution of 1440 X 900 pixels makes a marvelous combination with 13.3 inches of display for a better display. Glossy widescreen with LED-backlit along Intel HD graphic 6000 graphic coprocessor tends to give birth and vivid colors so that you can enjoy crisp of HD display.


As the Apple MacBook is designed with a long-lasting battery of up to 12 hours ultimately it helps you out while working, as it reduces distraction that usually occurs during connecting the laptop with the charger again and again.

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  • Sleek and stylish design with 3 pounds of weight. So that you can take it with you where you want.
  • Snappier performance with its productive processor.
  • With its long-lasting battery life of 12 hours that is enough for a day.
  • Spacious storage of 256 GB can conveniently accommodate both personal and professional data.
  • macOS as an operating system allows easy switching among different tabs and apps without lag.
  • Due to the absence of the retina display laptop shows the mediocre quality of the display.
  • Its display quality is not so low that you cannot fulfill digital needs on it.
  • A battery that lasts up to 12 hours is the plus point of Apple air laptops.

Dell XPS 13- with a backlit keyboard

Dell XPS 13

When you listen to word reliability in the laptop field so it must be connected with the laptops that are produced by Dell Company. In the same way, Dell XPS 13 is an addition to the series of best computers for nursing students.


Dell XPS 13Specification
Display13.3 inches
Maximum screen resolution1920 X 1080 pixels
Operating system Window 10
Graphic coprocessor Intel HD Graphics 620
Processor8th generation quad core i5
Storage 128 GB
Memory Speed1866 MHz
Wireless TypeBluetooth 802.11 ac
Laptop weightApprox 3 pounds


As it comes with the latest processor of Intel 8th generation Quad-core i5 that allows quick processing with minimum lag. Furthermore, with the CPU frequency of 1.60 GHz and 6 MB smart cache tends to make its performance perfect.


With FHD display and micro bezel at the edges minimizes the distractions of visuals of viewers. Additionally, it comes with 13.3 inches display, and the resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels gives natural and vibrant colors with an Infinity edge.


For better performance and storage Dell XPS 13 is updated with the RAM of 8 GB with a memory speed of 1866 MHz in the form of LPDDR3. The laptop is perfect for the processing of complex software and apps. As far as the storage is concerned the mentioned laptop comes with storage of 128 GB to store files and data.


Its backlit keyboard with responsive keys is one of the main reasons for considering it the best laptop for nursing students. As its keys are at a suitable distance so it allows quick typing.

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  • Designed with the best build quality to make it more reliable than other laptops.
  • FHD technology with thin bezels at edges gives HD display and bright colors.
  • Comes with a long battery life that can easily last for a day.
  • Extensive storage with the RAM of 8 GB shows less lag.
  • With the latest window 10 operating system, it allows the processing of the latest apps and software.

  • For the students, it’s a bit expensive.
  • But when you see its features its prices seem nothing. For professional work, it is a perfect laptop with concern for both features and price.
  • As Dell XP is on the list of laptops for students so it comes with a backlit keyboard that can detect a very gentle force.

ASUS L402YA- Dual-core processor


ASUS laptop is the best laptop at a budget-friendly price. Additionally, it is updated with the latest and productive features that must be in the laptops for the students.

ASUS L402YASpecification
Display14 inches
Max resolution1920*1080 pixels
ProcessorAMD Dual core e2
Graphic coprocessor AMD Radeon R2
RAM size of graphic card 4 GB
Operating system Window 10 S
Storage 64 GB
Ports for USB 3.0 1
Laptop weight3.6 pounds


With AMD Dual-core e2 processor it can process several tasks with accuracy in very little time. ASUS laptop updated with the latest processor which can run complex software and apps in it smoothly.

Operating system

ASUS laptop comes with pre-installed window 10 as an operating system that is a totally apps-based operating system that can give access to the processing of numerous latest apps and software.  With all its specifications and features it is considered the best laptop for nursing students.


Along with its extensive storage and RAM, it can keep several data, software, apps in it. ASUS laptops not only keep these apps but can also run these apps smoothly without any lag. It comes with a storage of 64 GB and a RAM of 4 GB.


For the fast transfer and receiving of data, ASUS laptops are equipped with many ports. As

there is a port for USB 3.0, the port for USB 2.0, a slot for SSD, and a jack for charging and mic or microphones.


With the fast and snappy processor, its AMD Radeon 2 graphic coprocessor makes a perfect combination to show excellent results. Furthermore, the ASUS L402YA laptop is equipped with 14 inches to display along with a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels.

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  • Sleek and classy design to attract every person’s eyes.
  • Has many ports for the transfer and receiving of data with great speed.
  • Best and long battery life.
  • The operating system of Windows 10 can smoothly run the latest apps and software.
  • Wider displays of 14 inches give bright colors.
  • Heats up easily.
  • It is obvious that every laptop gets heat while processing on complex software. Not a single laptop remains cool while multitasking.
  • Its larger speaker with more volume is a unique feature that makes it more valuable.

Microsoft Surface Pro-best laptop for nursing student

Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft surface pro 4 is designed with a superb handy design that allows easy grasping. To make handling more convenient it has very light so that you can take it anywhere you want.

Microsoft Surface ProSpecification
Display12.3 inches
Max resolution2736 X 1824 pixels
Processor Intel core i5
Storage 256 GB
Operating system Window 10 professional
Wireless Type802.11 abg
Ports for USB 3.0 1
Laptop weight1.7 pounds
Battery LifeUp to 10 hours


To make the appearance of Microsoft Surface pro attractive it is designed with a metallic aluminum body and full-sized keyboard. With the palm rest, your hand does not face any fatigue while typing. For convenient handling, it comes with a lightweight of 1.7 pounds.


With a screen display of 12.3 inches, it gives high contrast and minimum glare to reduce distraction. Moreover, it comes with a resolution of 2736 X 1824 pixels to give bright and vivid colors. You do not need to put stress on your eyes while watching on its screen.


For the strong connectivity and faster transferring and receiving of data, it comes with Wi-Fi 802.11ac and IEEE 802.11 abgn compatible. Furthermore, wireless Bluetooth 4.1 technology, it shows strong connectivity.


For the handling of every type of digital task, Microsoft Surface comes with a 6th generation Intel Core i5 processor. Though the processor is not so latest, it can smoothly run complex software, apps and can switch among different tabs without lag.


The storage range of the mentioned laptop is 256 GB for the accommodation of large volumes of it.  The RAM of 8GB, write speed of 113 MB provides the best processing with minimum and no log.

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  • Convenient in handling due to its slim design and lightweight.
  • Narrow bezels at the end provide excellent display along with bright and vivid colors and minimize distraction.
  • Powerful processors allow smooth working with minimum lag.
  • Equipped with the latest operating system Window 10 in professional mode.
  • Mediocre battery life.
  • Its battery can last up to 6 hours, which’s enough for a student to complete its digital task.
  • It uses Windows 10 professional as an operating system that increases its uniqueness.

Things you get after getting these laptops.

As the market of technology is increasing day by day meanwhile latest and more productive devices are launching. So this question might come to the buyer’s mind why they considered the laptops we reviewed here?. So here is the clarification of your query.

When you pick a laptop from the above-reviewed laptops you get the best processor that is eligible to fulfill all the digital requirements like processing of latest software, apps and giving access to switch among different tabs without lag.

Secondly, all the laptops are designed with the efficient and latest operating systems that can conveniently run every latest software and apps without or minimum lag. Most of the laptops have a window 10 operating system.

Moreover, the display of all the laptops ranges from 12 to 14 inches compatible with their resolution to give bright and vivid colors.

Other best features like high volume speakers, ports, connectivity are the plus points for these laptops.

Buyer’s guide

If you want to pick the best laptop for nursing students always notice the features that we are describing below as these are crucial features that must be in the laptops you are picking for nursing students.


The most crucial feature of laptops that must be noticed while picking a laptop is its Storage. On a serious note, never go for the laptop with a hard drive. Always prefer a laptop with an SSD drive as it is faster and secure concerning malware viruses.

The laptop with a minimum range of up to 64 GB is good to use for study purposes. A laptop greater than this capacity range will be a good choice as such a laptop can store more files relevant to studies and personal data like videos, pictures as well.


The best processor for the nursing laptop is Intel core i5 that can process the latest software, apps, and many tabs without showing lag. Additionally, a laptop with this processor does not cost much.

But if you have a minimum budget then Intel core i3 works fine. But it may show lag and heats up easily. In the nursing field, you do not need to work on complex software and application so you can also select a laptop with an i3 processor.

Some laptops are designed with Intel core i7 laptops that are useless and a waste of money if you are selecting them for study purposes only. But in case you are looking for a laptop for multitasking, and you have a spacious budget then an i7 processor will be a perfect choice.


The other important feature of a laptop is its RAM, as the RAM is responsible for the snappier working of a laptop. And if a laptop has extensive RAM then it can perform multi-tasks without minimum lag and vice versa.

In concern to the laptop you are selecting for nursing students it should have a minimum RAM of up to 4 GB. Never go for the laptop with a RAM of 2 GB. The perfect laptop for the students designed with up to 8 GB RAM.

Battery life

As a student, 10 hours of battery life is enough to fulfill its digital requirements. Keep in mind never go for a laptop that has a battery life of fewer than 8 hours.

Some laptops offer a battery life of up to 12 hours which is good but laptops with such batteries are a bit expensive. But if you have a handsome amount selecting such laptops will not be a bad choice.

Operating system

In the matter of the operating system, both Mac and Windows do compatible work. Selecting a laptop on the behalf of the operating system is a bit tricky.

If you are selecting a laptop for study purposes, you must consult your teacher and know which types of software he/she will use. And then select a laptop compatible with the relevant work.

In clear words, if you have more money then go for Mac OS but if you have a limited budget, Windows as an operating system is a perfect choice.

Some other features like display size and its combination with screen resolution, laptop’s weight, volume, and design are also important but no more than the features described above.

For more convenience here is the tabular form of the features that we made on the behalf of research that will surely help you out while picking a laptop

Features Minimum range Recommended range
Processor Intel core i3 Intel core i5
Operating system Window 10 MAC OS
Storage 64 GB 512 GB
Battery life Up to 8 hours Up to 10 hours.


Our team spent many hours creating a comprehensive article especially to save time for students. And in this article, we focused on the best laptop for nursing students. And if you study the whole post thoroughly you will surely get the idea of which laptop you are going to select.

Let us be clear that every laptop is a machine that slows down when you start taking work from it more than its capacity. But in this article, we tried to select a laptop that shows less lag. And in the end must be considered a laptop for you with a long-lasting battery, powerful processor, latest operating, and backlit keyboard. We wished you the best of luck so that you can get the best laptop for yourself on an affordable budget.

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