Access Sony Vaio Boot Menu [3 New Methods in 2023]

A former brand of sony- VIAO stands for “Visual Audio Intelligent Organizer”. It was purchased by a Japanese company that decided to launch PCs of VAIO after launching a Windows ten smartphone prior to that.

Sony has been developing PCs since the 1990s. They developed this VAIO model but companies in Japan had offered and purchased this model from them. In 2018, after taking aid from multiple companies, a Sony VAIO personal computer was developed in Japan and has been a quite popular reinvention.

Like all other personal computers, this computer serves all basics and has multiple modifications present. Sony VAIO notebooks have been developed that contain the latest Windows 10 Microsoft software program.

With every good thing, there are a few minor setbacks. Here we will be discussing the most common problem users face is how to make the Sony Vaio boot menu appear and alter it.

What is the Boot Menu? 

A boot menu is a guide that appears on your screen and gives you suggestions on available booting devices. The boot sequence is also related to that. It’s a form of setting in the BIOS setup that suggests the correct order of boot devices to your PC. The boot menu can also be functioned by the use of specific keys.

Sony Vaio Boot Menu 

There are multiple complaints by users who cannot access the sony Vaio boot menu. however, it’s like most PCs. some users cannot comprehend how to approach the boot menu.

Keys for Sony Vaio boot menu: 

Keys depend upon the manufacturing style of the motherboard. The keys that are commonly used to approach the boot menu on a PC are given below:

  • Esc key.
  • F2 key.
  • F10 key.
  • F12 key.

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3 Methods to make the Sony Vaio boot menu appear?  

You can easily make the boot menu appear on Sony Vaio by following these simple methods and the instructions given below.

Method number 1: 

Here’s the easiest method you can use:

  • After turning off your Vaios, check for the “assist” button.
  • If it has one, press the button as the Vaio logo appears.
  • The recovery process- “Care Rescue Mode screen” will direct you to the boot menu.
  • Make necessary changes in the BIOS setup and use the desired drive for booting, if needed.

Method number 2 

Here’s how you can get into the boot menu by turning ON your Vaio.

  • Start by powering your Vaio.
  • Once the Vaio logo starts to appear up on the screen use the F2 key.
  • Press the F2 key repeatedly until a BIOS setup or Boot menu appears.
  • Although please bear in mind that older models of Vaio require the pressing of the Esc key with the F2 key in a constant manner.
  • As for new Vaio- ones supporting Windows 8, there is a separate button that directs you to the boot menu.
  • Now turn on your Vaio with the help of the assist button.
  • This procedure will direct you to the Boot Menu.

Method number 3

This is the most prolonged method you have to follow if all else fails or maybe this seems easier. Please note: follow the instruction thoroughly, sometimes you miss a step by mistake and the computer doesn’t respond to unknown functions.

You can also learn how to enable the external drive boot option in the BIOS setup through this procedure.

  • Please confirm that the computer is shut off properly.
  • Power the PC.
  • Use the F2 key by holding down the Fn key during the process. You have to do this when the Vaio logo appears, otherwise, it won’t work.

For the external drive boot option follow this procedure.

Phoenix Trusted Core (™) Set up utility>> Advanced menu>> External drive boot>> Enabled>> Confirmation and Verification>> Enter key.


Sony Vaio has been around for over a century and is being modified according to the requirements of today’s age. So, in case you want to boot your sony laptop, you can boot it by following any of the above-given instructions.


Q1: How do you boot a Vaio? 

Ans: You can boot your Vaio by maintaining any given procedure above.

Q2: how can I reset a faulty boot? 

Ans: You can reset a faulty boot by pressing the F9 key.

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