Samsung Laptop Won’t Turn On – Possible Reasons And Fixes [2022]

In the event that your Samsung laptop doesn’t start or doesn’t boot when controlled, there are things you can attempt to determine the issue. It’s imperative to thoroughly see any strategy or guidance which you will apply against an issue.


On the off chance that your Samsung laptop will not catalyst, it very well may be broken and need a fix.

Sometimes, the issue isn’t your laptop by any means — it’s your power supply. And sometimes, your battery is dead. Also, at last, it could simply be that your laptop is fine, however, it simply isn’t reacting to the Power button.

Some other reasons are the following:

  1. Since you think your laptop’s battery is charged doesn’t imply that it really is. It’s completely conceivable that your attachment got out of the divider or out of your best gaming laptop while it should charge. Then again, numerous laptops don’t actually kill when you turn them off and continue to draw power from your battery.
  2. At times, the terminals for your laptop get dusty or grimy and it doesn’t connect. On the off chance that this occurs, your laptop will not suddenly spike in demand for battery power and will not turn on the off chance that you don’t have its fitting.
  3. There is also a chance that your laptop will not start up in light of a dead battery and the battery will not charge, you could have a dead power supply.
  4. In the event that your laptop will not react to a catch press or to whatever else, it very well maybe that it’s secured. The power-on most laptops aren’t to care for a divider switch. It can actually cut the power, yet it additionally sends orders, including the order to rest or to awaken. In some cases, you need to truly reset your laptop to make the power button work.
These are some of the fixes explained via a video.


The following are investigating steps to help distinguish what might be keeping your laptop from turning on. We suggest going through every one of them for the best outcomes.


Despite the fact that it might appear glaringly evident, if your laptop is running on battery power just, connecting the AC adapter may tackle the issue. Guarantee the adapter cord is effectively connected on both ends safely. In the event that the laptop works with the cord connected, your battery is dead or inadequate.


The laptop can likewise be in a power express that keeps it from booting. Disengage the power link and afterward eliminate the battery from the laptop by flipping your laptop over to get to it and discovering the spring-stacked switch that holds it in. Hold the switch and lift the battery up or

slide it out. The terminals will be in a little square somewhere on the battery that compares with metal blades or pins on your laptop. Utilize compressed air to blow them clean and wipe your laptop’s contacts with a delicate fabric. Leave both detached from the laptop for at any rate a moment. At that point, set the battery back in the laptop, interface the power link, and give turning a shot to the laptop.


To test your power supply, plug it into your laptop and check whether the battery light is illuminating. In the event that it does, the power supply probably won’t be the issue.

In the event that it doesn’t, ensure that your power supply’s power cord is tight, here and there the string that goes from the divider to the power supply gets free. On the off chance that the wire is tight, attempt the power supply with another viable laptop or attempt another power supply with your laptop.

In the event that you sort out that your power supply is the issue, you’ll need to purchase another one.


Unplug your laptop’s power supply and eliminate its battery utilizing the above methodology. Hold the power button down with your finger for at any rate 30 seconds, however, you can likewise hold it for additional, in the event that you’d like.

Two minutes is presumably all that anyone could need and five minutes is certainly all that anyone could need. This will get out any put-away charge on your laptop.

Release the power supply, and plug your laptop’s power supply back in You needn’t bother with the battery yet. Stand by a moment, then hold down the power button to turn it on.

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