Proprietary OS for Desktop and Laptop computers

Proprietary OS For Desktop And Laptop Computers

Which of the following is a proprietary OS for Desktop and Laptop computers?

Proprietary OS

Proprietary OS are those platforms that are only designed, conceptualized, developed, and sold to the market. These OS are not meant to be altered or tampered with by any kind of user. The examples of these proprietary OS are Mac OS and Microsoft Windows.

There is some open-source OS that enables a user to edit or modify certain settings after downloading it into the system, such as Linux that is used for personal computers. They are not considered proprietary software. The best laptop for scientific computing

Proprietary in Computer World

In the computing world, any software that is not freely licensed or open-source is said to be under proprietary. Some of the examples include software programs, operating systems, and different file formats.

Operating Systems

Proprietary OS is very smooth and simpler for the users to experience the simplicity and understand what they are doing very easily. They have the edge over the open-source OS as the users have to set their preferences and configurations according to their need, whereas you get everything very simple and already configured in Proprietary OS. Mac Os and Windows fill all these areas.

Software Programs

According to computer science, the applications in which all rights of certain software programs are retained by its developer are called Proprietary software programs. In this type of software, the developer only provides the software as an output to the customers but not the source code outside its organization.

Some of the examples of proprietary software that run on the proprietary OS are Adobe FlashPlayer, iTunes, MS Windows, PS3 Operating system, Adobe Photoshop, macOS, WinRAR, versions of UNIX, and Google Earth.

There are specific terms and conditions by which proprietary programs are licensed to End Users by the developer of that software on the best laptop for accounting. Due to these terms and conditions, the user is restricted from distributing or modify anything in that software. Proprietary is the most commercial software as the developer has the upper hand and copyrights in the ownership.

Features of Proprietary OS

  • A very common among proprietary ora like Mac or Windows is the user multiplier effect that involves inclining of various developers to work around these operating systems. Due to more and more new innovations and software products, more users tend to switch to operating systems.
  • The products are free of any kind of viruses or bugs, and even if there tends to be any bug in the system, certain patches are released and provided to the users to fix these bugs.
  • Widespread proprietary software has support from different sources.


As explained in detail above, it is clear that proprietary OS for desktops or laptops is Windows and macOS. Due to their flexibility to a certain level and user involvement with the certain limit for sharing or modifying the data and info, these two are the most common use proprietary software, and we have share detailed data on them along with features. For more info or details if there are any more questions, there is a comment box given below to leave your remarks.


Q#1: Is Linux proprietary?

Ans: No, Linux is not considered proprietary software because it is an open-source OS that is free of any charges. But there is proprietary software for Linux that users can have access to.

Q#2: What is the difference between open source and proprietary software?

Ans: An open-source software basically consists of source code that can be accessed by anybody, and it can also be modified by any user. On the other hand, proprietary software is owned by a developer or a publisher, and the source code is not shared openly with anyone.

Q#3: What characteristics does proprietary software have?

Ans: Any copyrighted software can be called proprietary software, and it cannot be obtained by anyone without paying for its license. There are many advantages with proprietary software as there is very little possibility of any kind of bugs and errors with the program, and even if there are any, there are updates or patches for them that fix the issue.

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