Onboard NIC

Onboard Nic- Complete Guide

NIC stands for “Network Interface Controller”. This is a hardware component of the computer. Being an external component. It serves the purpose of linking your computer with a computer network. That’s why Onboard NIC is often termed as LAN on multiple router devices.

Now, most devices generally have a NIC built into their motherboards. The NIC uses physical and data layer links to provide electrical circuitry to your computer. The data link layer used by the NIC is either Ethernet or Wi-Fi. You can transfer files between computers through NIC.

Many people know what Onboard Nic means but don’t know the basics of its implementation or the purposes of this network port. To increase your knowledge, we have created this comprehensive guide on Onboard NIC.

What is Onboard NIC

Previously NICs used to be available separately- they could be inserted in the motherboard but now, you can purchase computers and multiple other devices which use the internet with onboard NICs. Onboard NIC basically means a Network interfaces controller built into the motherboard of a PC or a laptop, etc.

You don’t have to insert or purchase it separately. It serves as the connection between your device and the internet network available in the near area. Your desktop may also contain separate slots for insertion while still having an onboard NIC/LAN present.

Onboard NIC location in a computer

The NIC or LAN is present at the back of the motherboard, just near the slots or ports as you refer to it. The NIC can be altered by opening the back of your motherboard on your PC or laptop.

However, if the NIC is present separately, and your system does not support the onboard version, you can find the connection at the back of a computer in form of a slot/port that takes up the PCI port.

Purposes of the NIC

The NIC serves the following purposes in a computer.

  • The main purpose of a NIC card is to provide a connection between two computers through external or internal linkage.
  • The NIC can serve the purpose with either a wireless or wired connection between the computers.
  • The purpose of NIC is to provide connections and for that purpose, it uses either LAN or IP addresses.
  • The processes made through the physical layer and the data link layer(internet) can run on the NIC. It serves as a platform for both sorts of layers during establishing a connection.

Types of Onboard NIC

There are two different types of NIC that can be present in the motherboard or attached to a computer or best gaming laptop under 500.

  • Ethernet Interface Card or Internal Interface card

This type of card is located inside the back of your PC. you can easily locate it. And, it is by far the most used NIC in modern-day technology. This enables you to make a connection between your computers with either a PCI or an ISA connection.

  • Wi-Fi Interface Card or External Interface card

This sort of card is present externally and is inserted accordingly. This is helpful for traveling purposes- if you have a job where you travel a lot, this NIC will be able to get you an internet connection from a nearby router.


Onboard NICs are important and located right within your computer. You can easily make connections to transfer files between your computers using ethernet cables.


Q#1: Which NIC is best for the computer? 

Ans: Ethernet Interface Card is the best and most used in computers.

Q#2: Which NIC does not require a wired connection? 

Ans: External NIC does not require wired connections.

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