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7 Easy Methods in 2023!!! No Bootable Device Acer In Windows 10 And 11

If you are an Acer device user and you are getting the error “No Bootable device found” after updating your Acer bios or for some other reason, no need to panic because there is always a fix for a problem.

📝 Notes:
If you're facing these issues, it's might be due to Windows OS. Because Windows OS is more prone to these kind of headaches. If you're a bit tech-savvy then must try Linux OS (Highly Secure). Here are some best Linux OS for Acer Laptop.

But you will need to know the basic reasons that may cause the problem. And we also covered this topic and its solutions. So, read on…!

Why Does The No Bootable Device Acer Error Happen?

The message “no bootable device found” actually means that your device is not detecting any kind of hard drive linked to it or any other bootable media to load data from memory. Your operating system won’t be loaded in this way, and hence you are unable to perform any task at all.

The same sometimes happens with networks and this error message occurs “windows didn’t detect any network hardware“. If the same happens to you, then check out this linked article for fixing.

Now let’s come to the point; This issue of “Acer no bootable device” may arise due to the following points:

  1. Corrupted system files.
  2. Bad sectors on the primary hard drive.
  3. Boot partition lost.
  4. Hard disk failure or corrupted MBR.
  5. Incorrect boot order.
  6. Partition is not set as active.
  7. Some other unknown reasons.

Now it’s time how to fix no bootable device Acer laptop. Read the below section.

7 Quick Fixing Tries For “No Bootable Device Found”:

Here we will be discussing some of the top and working methods for solving the issue of Acer laptop no boot device:

📝 Import Note:
Before going to apply these methods one by one, I'd suggest that have the bootable USB or CD ready. If you don't know how to creat the bootable USB. Then check this linked article.

1. Normal Acer Laptop Boot Menu Key Shortcut (F12):

  • You can force shutdown your laptop with the help of holding down the power button for some time.
  • Then you will eventually need to reboot your laptop.
  • From your keyboard, press the F2 key by hitting it repeatedly to open the BIOS setup.
  • Now, you can open the main section and hit F12 to the Boot Menu: select Enable.
  • Then go to the Boot option/menu and make the changes in the boot mode from UEFI to Legacy.
  • Now press the F10 key from the keyboard and save and exit.
  • Then reboot your system to see if it fixes the problem.

If your problem is not fixed, then there are other solutions mentioned below that you can try.

2. Disconnect all of the USB Peripherals.

There is a possibility in most cases that any USB device connected to the Acer computer might be stopping the computer from booting up. The best solution for such a problem is to disconnect all the linked USB devices to your system, including your keyboard or mouse if they have a USB connection. This is most likely to solve your problem of “no bootable device.”

3. Check the cables.

Acer laptop no boot device issue can also be caused if your laptop has loose cables, and you need to make sure that they are plugged tight back into their ports for each peripheral device. Shut you’re your pc and then restart it after plugging the cables in it.

This issue might be caused because of mistakes during reassembling your laptop last time, the same happened to me once. So, check out How To Reassemble Your Laptop The Right Way.

4. Set Hard Drive as Your First Boot Device.

In case you have connected any unbootable disc in your Acer PC and you set the priority asset to boot device, then there is a possibility of this error saying “no bootable device found.” So to make sure that your PC is safe and fine, you have to set the boot order and change it from all the system frameworks to the bootable device.

  • Follow these steps to fix the issue of no bootable device found with this method:
    1. Hold the main power button for 5 seconds to control the gadget. At that point, power on the framework. When the primary logo screen shows up, quickly hit the F2 key to enter the BIOS or settings of the boot tab.
    2. Using the arrow keys, move to the “Boot” tab, and change the boot request settings to make Hard Drive the first boot priority.
    3. Follow the guidance given to you in the BIOS utility and then move to the “exit” tab.
    4. Find and select the option that says “Exit Saving Changes” choice to save the progressions you made to the boot request.
    5. Follow the screens prompts to restart your PC.
In this video, they have explained and solved the issue with very easy steps. Thanks to Pc Monkey for such easy guides.

Hard Drive Related Common Quires:

Here are some common questions and confusions explained that most people have:

5. Enable Legacy Boot (Making The Partition As Active).

For enabling the legacy boot option, you have to turn your system on, and then you can go to the BIOS setting of your Acer PC. you can press the F2 key on the startup to get into the settings of BIOS and then perform some required actions.

  1. Select the Main tab in BIOS.
  2. Check and enable the F12 Boot Menu settings if they are disabled.
  3. Select the Boot tab given there.
  4. Then you have to change the Boot setting to set it to legacy.
  5. Confirm by pressing the enter key.
  6. Then from your keyboard, press F10 which will save the changes you made, and exit BIOS.
  7. In the end, press enter button from the keyboard to confirm and reset your primary partition as active.

Note: Remember that if the option for primary partition is not set to be “active,” then it will cause to display the error for no boot device Acer. Then you have to run some commands.

  1. You have to insert the Windows installation disc into the Acer computer and then boot from that disc.
  2. You can choose the language and region and then click on the option to “Repair your computer.”
  3. Select “Troubleshoot” and then select the “Command Prompt.”
  • Note: When you open the command prompt, you can insert the following command.
    • diskpart.
    • select disk 0.
    • list partition 1.
    • active.

This command sets the system partition as active. And then, you can insert the “exit” command and press Enter to exit the disk part. Close down the Command Prompt, and then you can restart your Acer system to see if you fixed the problem.

Your Acer PC will not boot from USB drives if not arranged to do as such. To boot from a drive, you’ll need to change the boot request for it on the PC’s Boot tab in its BIOS settings. The USB drive should be put first in the boot request needed on the Boot tab.

Additionally, note that the No bootable device blunder can emerge when your hard drive isn’t set as the first priority in the boot request. For instance, the issue would emerge on an Acer PC designed to boot from other drives that incorporates a clear DVD. Launching the DVD or choosing your hard drive as the main boot device would then fix the issue.

6. Run a Check Disk scan.

If the above solution didn’t work well with your system, then you can run a check disk scan. You need to open the options from Advanced Startup Options from the bootable media, or you can press the F11 hotkey to move further with the steps:

  1. Open the Advanced options menu by going to the Troubleshoot options and then select advanced.
  2. Then you can select the Command Prompt from there.
  3. You need to input the command as shown here: chkdsk c: /f /x /r
  4. Then you just have to press the Enter key to run the disk scan.

7. Fix Corrupted MBR.

Again, you will need to open the command prompt by going to the Advanced Startup Options menu and then carry on further with the instructions by typing the separate commands and pressing Enter key from a keyboard after inserting each of the commands listed below.

Bootrec /fixmbr

Bootrec /fixboot

Bootrec /scanos

Bootrec /rebuildbcd

When you are done entering these commands in the command prompt, you can restart your PC.

Build MBR again without Windows CD.

Fixing the issue of a no bootable device requires the Windows CD for installation, but you can also fix this error without using any CD. You need to create an MBR environment from which you can easily fix the issue. You need to follow the steps below.

  1. You need to download the freeware, and then you have to install it on your computer.
  2. Run the AQMEI option that is given and click the “make bootable media” wizard option.
  3. After that, you can insert the bootable USB into the system.
  4. This will show you the option to rebuild the MBR. Click on it.

By following the above steps you’d have probably your MBR with the help of Windows CD. This was the primary method for how to fix no bootable device Windows 10.

Common Windows-Related Queries:

Here are some common questions and confusions that most windows users have. Even if you’re not a Windows user yet, you still might have these questions in mind, So check for the answers and explanations:

These are some of the easy fixes that we found for you to get rid of the error on Acer no bootable device.

If these fixes can help you resolve the error, we will be pleased. If these fixes can fix the error, then it Is possible that you have some type of hardware issue.

Due to this, you may want to check the HDD’s connection to your computer or get It replaced.


This was all about the “no bootable device Acer” error displaying on the screen of your laptop or computer. This is a series of different methods for fixing, so it would be better for you to check all of them one by one. If you still have any issues, then leave a comment below, and we will try to fix your issue ASAP. Thanks as always.


Q1: What is the cause of the error that says no bootable device?

Ans: A “No bootable device” error is caused mostly due to the primary partition of the hard drive, which is not working or is inactive due to any reason. This should be set back to active to fix the issue.

Q2: How can I boot my Acer?

Ans: Restart your computer and press the “F2” key repeatedly until the Acer logo appears on the screen. This will load the BIOS setup utility from where you can go to boot options.

Q3: what to do when Acer laptop says no bootable device?

Ans: Well, this issue can be caused because of different issues like faulty peripherals, Incorrect Boot order, Corrupt Hard Drive or MBR, or your Hard Drive is not set as the primary booting device.
1. So you should first remove the peripherals and double-check the cable connections.
2. Change the booting order with help of the boot menu, the F12 key is the shortcut to it.
3. Set the Hard Drive as your First Boot Device and make it Active or Reinstall the MBR.

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