Nintendo Switch HDMI Cable

Nintendo Switch HDMI Cable Reviews & Connection Method [2022]

Nintendo Switch is a great help for gamers to enjoy Nintendo games for entertainment. It offers the best gaming experiences to those who don’t want to leave their room just to make the best out of the storyline of their favourite games.

Enjoying Nintendo Switch can be fun, but you can get in trouble in case you somehow damage your HDMI cable. This can be a great problem in case you don’t have any alternative or extra cable available at the moment as there would be no other source to enjoy Nintendo Switch without an HDMI cable.

It is important to keep your HDMI cable safe that comes with the box as long as you use Nintendo Switch.

What to do if you don’t have Your Original HDMI cable?

The HDMI cable of the Nintendo Switch allows you to connect the console easily with your monitor screen or television set to enjoy and enhance your gaming experience using bigger screens.

But don’t panic in case you lost your HDMI cable or damaged it somehow. There is a solution from a third-party production (Master Cables) that provides an HDMI cable for Nintendo Switch that works perfectly fine with your device.

This particular cable is a perfect match for your Nintendo Switch needs in case you don’t have the genuine HDMI cable that comes with Nintendo Box, and you want to make use of your Switch with a television screen. We take a deeper look at all the qualities and benefits that this cable has to provide to a user in detail.

Master Cables – HDMI Cable for Nintendo Switch Branded

  • High-Quality Hdmi to Hdmi support for each Nintendo Switch
  • Capability to support all resolutions: 480i, 480p, 720i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
  • Suitable with 4K Video Devices
  • Good length cable of 1.5 Metres in black
  • Cannot play Nintendo Switch with old Monitor screens

This particular cable is your best solution as an alternative to the HDMI cable for Nintendo Switch. This is a powerful and resourceful cable that can easily connect your switch to any television on monitor screens to give you a perfect display in high quality for a better gaming experience at HD resolutions. As this cable is very versatile and adaptable, it has the following features to offer to the users.

Features of HDMI Cable by Masters Cable

Here you can read the features of this HDMI cable in detail so that you can get a clear idea about what it provides to the user.

Supports Multiple Resolutions

This cable is a versatile product that has the great characteristic of adapting and being able to support all types of resolutions with different types of monitors without a problem. You can make use of this HDMI cable to support resolutions like 480p, 720i, 720p, and even 1080p with a Full HD display. 4K resolution support is also provided, which makes it a very useful product in case there is no alternative available for you.


The developers have made sure that this cable is made to last for years under any conditions, even when it is roughly used in a home or office. It is made up of quality materials using good rubber and cables inside to make it durable and stretchable so that it won’t get damaged easily and interrupt your display connections at times. The HDMI port on this cable is made entirely with proper dimensions to fit the port of your receiving device that would last forever.

Good Length

The cable also has quite a good length to make it easier for you to sit and relax on your sofa and enjoy the games on the TV screen at your front from a certain distance. You don’t have to stick close to the monitor which can affect your eyesight in any case.

HDMI to HDMI Support

This cable is all set to provide HDMI to HDMI port as it has both ends with HDMI ports that make it very much suitable to provide one end as an Input port and the other one as an Output port. You can make the Switch port as an Output port and connect the other HDMI end to the monitor screen and set it to the Input port to get a perfect display on your monitor screen.

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This was a discussion about the Nintendo Switch HDMI cable, and we discussed the HDMI cable by Master Cables, which provides a solution as an alternative to the genuine HDMI cable of Switch. For more details, visit their website and gather info.

Q1: What type of HDMI cable comes along with Nintendo switch?

Ans: The basic cable that comes with Nintendo Switch has a lower port with HDMI 2.0, with one end plugging into the Switch and the other end plugin into your TV. You will need a proper and good quality cable to get perfect results.

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