Motherboard HDMI Not Working

Motherboard HDMI Not Working [solution]

The motherboard is basic part of a computer system that has all the components installed on it that form to run together as one complete computing device. There are various ports on the motherboard that provide connectivity options and help a user to connect the computer to other devices. From these ports, the HDMI port is one of the ports that provide connectivity to other electronic appliances for connecting computers to other devices.

In case you are facing an issue with the HDMI port of your motherboard, and you have a question about what to do when a motherboard HDMI is not working, then we have a fix for you.

Fixing Motherboard HDMI

You might not know how to fix things, but you can look through this guide and get to know how you can fix the motherboard HDMI without harming your computer. Here is what you need to do.

Check the Motherboard HDMI

Checking the HDMI of your motherboard is the first step where you have to examine what is going on with your HDMI port. It is possible that there is dust and debris in your HDMI port for which it is not getting the signals from a cable, or it may be possible that your computer is pretty old and the HDMI is broken.

If this is the case, then the solution is getting a replacement for your HDMI port on your computer. Make sure the new HDMI port is working fine.

Internal Settings

To fix your HDMI not working issue, you can troubleshoot the problem by simply using Windows 10 on a PC. Here are the steps.

Enable Motherboard HDMI

In case your computer shows that the Motherboard HDMI is disabled, then you have to panic because it is a quite common error occurring for several users. It’s important to enabling HDMI on the motherboard to get rid of such errors. For this, you can do these steps.

  • You can start by checking your integrated graphics on your computer system as the HDMI ports run through these graphics ports.
  • Then you need to check properly that your motherboard has an integrated graphics unit or not. For this, you can click on the properties of your computer and read the description for info.
  • You will know from there that your computer has integrated graphics or not. Then you can move to the BIOS to enable the integrated graphics for your computer.
  • You need to connect the primary monitor with your HDMI port that is supported with a video card and then uses a secondary monitor that should be plugged into the HDMI port of your motherboard.
  • Then make settings through BIOS, where you will find integrated graphics setting and set it to Enabled.
  • The other way for this is that you can install the latest updates for your integrated graphics card through the manufacturer’s website or from any official source, and then you can reboot your system.
  • Now check whether your HDMI port is working or not.

You can avoid this issue by replacing the HDMI port with a new HDMI port from the manufacturer, or you can check the cable connections properly as loose cables might be the reason behind HDMI not working error.


This was a discussion about Motherboard HDMI not working, and we shared an easy fix solution so that you can fix your issue at the ease of your home. For more solutions like this, join our community forums and get help.


Q#1: How can you enable an HDMI port on a motherboard?

Ans: You can enable this Motherboard HDMI by connecting numerous screens to your PC. This can mostly fix the issue and enable the HDMI on the motherboard automatically.

Q#2: For what reason does just one of my HDMI ports work?

Ans: This issue may have happened because of loose connectors of the cables or incomplete drivers, or the HDMI port may not be clean. It is recommended to run the troubleshooter and fix the issue; otherwise, you can do it manually.

Q#3: For what reason does my second HDMI not work?

Ans: It is possible that your settings are not properly set, and your drivers are not updated for HDMI ports. Restarting your system a couple of times and checking for regular updates of Windows can fix this issue.

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