Macbook Pro Battery Not Charging Green Light

Macbook Pro Battery Not Charging Green Light – How to Fix

In case your Mac Pro battery not charging Green light is appearing,  then there might be several issues that are causing this problem. There is a battery status on the menu of Macbook Pro that displays this error even when you have connected it to power. You might be looking for solutions to how to fix this error. Well, here we have a solution that might work out for you.

Why MacBook Pro Battery Not Charging

First, we need to understand what might be causing this issue. This can happen for a few reasons:

  • Your PC briefly stopped charging to increase the life of your battery. Your battery health is weak, and it may be depleted down to 90% before it starts charging again. To quickly continue charging, you can kill battery health management in the power-saving settings.
  • Your PC is associated with a power source that is not enough to charge the battery but only able to run in while it’s connected to a charger. For instance, your Macintosh probably won’t charge when it’s associated with a low power connector. You can utilize your Macintosh without depleting its battery, but your battery still won’t charge even if you turn the system off and wait for it to charge.
  • Your Macbook pro is running at a very high performance which is why it requires more power for the battery to work properly. For instance, some video editing applications or performing computer games can require more power and channel the battery more rapidly.
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Fix MacBook Pro Not Charging

Faulty chargers or any faulty batteries attached to your system may cause this problem. Fortunately, these errors are easy to fix if you know where is the fault. Here are some easy fixes for them.

Check Output Voltage Of Charger

In case that your MacBook charger isn’t working, obviously, it can’t charge the battery. So you need to ensure the charger is in good health. To start with, you need to ensure that the electrical plug is alright. You can connect a phone charger or a light to the electrical plug to check the power of the charger.

This basic procedure tells you that the charger is working or not. Don’t neglect to check the power line association of the charger. The Apple connector comprises of two sections: the MagSafe charger and the removable power cord. Ensure that the cord is plugged in the MagSafe properly.

Check Port and Magsafe Connector

Check the charging port of the Macbook pro and ensure that the MagSafe connector doesn’t have any burned or damaged marks on it. The port and the connector may be affected by the strong magnetic field on the basis of which they are holding on to each other.

The connector could get hot due to any extra resistor that is developed because of any loose contact, and it may even show you some sparks. In case there are any burned marks to any debris, you need to clean the port and replace it immediately before it gets worse.

Check Battery Connector

Old Macbook Pro models use nine-pin connectors for the batteries to connect with the boards. These pins send a signal to the board when a battery is connected to it. It reaches the smart circuit that automatically turns on the safety switch that is called MOSFET.

This may cause the electric current to flow through the battery without any interruption. Due to this, major harm can be done to your system, or you may face various other problems with the board. Replace the faulty connectors.

Replace Faulty Battery

The SMC in the Macbook Pro uses a pair of data lines known as SM-bus that helps the system to communicate with the battery. This system has current-sensing circuits that monitor the real-time flow of current coming in or going out from the battery. On the basis of SMC, the MacBook displays the battery error or any related info in the notifications section. You need to replace the faulty battery in case it senses any problem.


This was a discussion about the Macbook Pro battery not charging green light appearing. We provided some easy tips as a solution in this article that you can perform.


Q#1: Why is my MacBook Pro not charging when plugged in?

Ans: You need to make sure that the USB-C power adapter of your Macbook is connected properly to the power outlet to work. Otherwise, the charger may be faulty.

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