Lenovo Laptop Keeps Disconnecting From Wifi

Lenovo Laptop Keeps Disconnecting From Wifi Windows 10 – Diagnosis And Solutions In 2022

Lenovo is a top brand, and its laptops are known for their performance and quality of services along with all the technical features included to satisfy a customer’s needs.

But still, there are certain issues that may arise for most of the users, one of them which is that the users can experience connectivity problems which are Lenovo laptop keeps disconnecting from wifi windows 10.

There can be several options causing this issue, and the laptop is disconnecting from Wifi. Chances are something is messing with the hardware or the software of your laptop. In case the BIOS on your Lenovo PC isn’t up to date, it can deliver this issue whenever.

Not specifically for Lenovo. But, for every Windows 10 laptop. Because this issue is not that much different in different brand of laptops.

Additionally, you need to check the form of the WiFi driver on your framework, which can cause this issue if not updated intermittently.

Check Hardware First

Any physical damage or a defective cable can cause the problem; for example, a PC, switch, modem, and so on can cripple the wireless. This is the reason you should guarantee that your Lenovo laptop is appropriately associated with the internet router. Remember to check the network adapter for the gadget also.

At times, the strength from the WiFi signals can be powerless to the point that it naturally disconnects the web on your Lenovo laptop. Subsequently, if your gadget can’t get legitimate availability from close a wireless network, it is most likely to disconnect the Wifi.

Remember that whenever you are working or connected to any wifi-supported device, selecting the bad frequency band can cause you to drop the signals on your Lenovo laptop and disconnects automatically.

Now, we see some easy steps that can help a user to solve the Lenovo laptop Wifi disconnectivity issue.

TCP/IP Stack Reset and Auto Tuning

To use this method, go to the Windows Start menu and search for the command prompt which you need to run as administrator. Then follow the commands as given.

  • Write: ‘NETSH INT IP RESET C:\RESTLOG.TXT’in the given command box and then hit the enter button from the keyboard. Then write: ‘NETSH INT TCP SET HEURISTICS DISABLED’ and press enter key.
  • Similarly, input ‘NETSH INT TCP SET GLOBAL AUTOTUNINGLEVEL=DISABLED’and also input ‘NETSH INT TCP SET GLOBAL RSS=ENABLED’ in the following lines given and then press the enter key from your keyboard by entering each command.
  • After that, reboot your Lenovo laptop and then try to launch the WiFi again and see if you can get a stable and reliable internet connection.

Remove Faulty Driver and Reinstall

Removing and then reinstalling anything on your system is a solution most of the time to many problems. Reinstalling the Network Adapters from the web on your Lenovo laptop can cause troubleshooting the disconnecting error.

  • Click on the Windows Start menu.
  • Look for ‘Device Manager.’
  • Navigate to the option of Network Adapters.
  • Now search and find a suitable WiFi adapter for your Lenovo laptop, right-click on it and then choose the ‘Uninstall’ option from there.
  • After deleting or uninstalling the existing driver, you can again click on the ‘Network Adapters’ and select ‘Scan for hardware changes.’
  • Then Windows will search for new suitable drivers for your Wifi network and automatically install them on your system. This should fix your problem.


This was a discussion about disconnecting Lenovo laptops from Wifi connectivity. Easy fixes have been suggested and for more details, leave a comment in the box below.

Q1: Why does the Lenovo laptop keep disconnecting from WiFi?

Ans: Turn to turn off transmitting devices around your Wifi device or move your device away from them to see if that fixes your issue. Otherwise, restart the router or change its settings.

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