Lenovo Laptop How to Boot from USB

Top Methods For Booting A Lenovo laptop From USB [2023]

A bootable USB can come in handy and be used as a tool for diagnosing a computer or installing an OS in a system.

If you are troubleshooting your Lenovo laptop or you want to install a new OS on your Lenovo laptop, you can use the boot from the USB method to do that. This is a complete guide for the Lenovo laptop on how to boot from USB.

It is necessary to change the boot order from a hard disk to a USB because; a USB can act as a secondary source to install a new OS on your system or boot the system through it.

Booting up a Lenovo laptop from USB is simple and only requires two easy steps that we are discussing below in easy procedures.

If you want to know how to boot from a USB, carry on reading this article.

Method 1: Entering the BIOS

When you are attempting to boot the laptop from a USB, you can enter the BIOS and change the settings of the laptop from the boot order. Then you can connect the USB drive to your Lenovo laptop before entering the BIOS and starting the process.

  • Restart your laptop, and let the screen load until the “Lenovo” logo is displayed on it.
  • Press Fn + F2 key at the same time when you see the Lenovo logo on startup. (Other versions of BIOS may use different keys).
  • Otherwise, you can enter BIOS simply by hitting the F1 key from the keyboard when the “Lenovo” logo appears.
  • If your laptop has a Novo button on its side, it can give you quick access to the BIOS setup utility.

Method 2: Entering BIOS with the Shift button + Restarting the Laptop

If pressing the keys doesn’t work for you to enter the BIOS, you have the other way to go to BIOS. When you turn on your system, wait for it to reach the Windows Login screen, and there, you have to hold the shift key from the keyboard and click the power button and tap on the Restart option.

The laptop will show you a menu with several options. Click on the Troubleshoot option and then select Advanced Options > UEFI Firmware Settings and then click on Restart. It will take you directly into the BIOS setup utility interface.

Change the Boot Order

After you have reached the BIOS utility interface, search for the boot tap by using the arrow keys and then go to the Boot order option. Change the settings of the Boot Device Priority and select the USB drive in the option that you have recently attached to your laptop.

You can do this by using the + and – keys from your keyboard that helps you to change the USB Drive to start with Boot Order. Press the F10 key from the console to save the settings and exit it. Now your laptop will boot from USB.


This was all about Lenovo laptop booting from a USB drive.

We have discussed different methods for entering the BIOS and then booting your laptop.


Q1: What is the boot menu key for any Lenovo computer?

Ans: Press Fn+F12 keys rapidly and repeatedly at the startup of your laptop, where the Lenovo logo is displayed during boot up to open the Windows Boot Manager.

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