Lenovo Laptop Headphone Jack Not Working

Lenovo Laptop Headphone Jack Not Working

Headphones Jack not working is an issue that can have multiple reasons. It is not only related to the port but also with the software as well as the internal system of your laptop too. In this article, we are suggesting each fix to see why your Lenovo laptop headphone jack is not working.

Before trying any of the solutions that we shared here, make sure your headphones are working with any other device. To do so, you need to plug them into any device that supports headphone connectivity, such as a mobile phone or a computer.

So we move to the problem and its solutions, whether it is due to faulty headphone jack or software problem, you can fix it with our help.

Headphone Jack Problems

One sound issue usually experienced with Windows PC clients is a discord that occurs between a PC’s audio jack and its sound framework.

This issue can be because of one of a few elements that include a damaged audio jack or missing drivers, or it may also be due to outdated sound software of the system. But the problem can also be due to the static charges that are likely to cause the problem. Try this fix first.

  • First, you have to remove the battery of your hacker laptop.
  • Or you can press the power button to completely turn off your laptop and make sure there is no power source.
  • Now after some time, turn back your laptop on to see if the jack is working now.

If this doesn’t solve the issue, then try these fixes.

Ways To Fix – Laptop Headphone Jack Not Working

Ensure your Headphone is connected appropriately

There may be just a minor issue as having connected the headphones into some other jack. If so, then unplug headphones from there and look for the alternative jack that is for your headphone and then plug in to see if that works.

Ensure your Headphone is working

If you tried the above fixes and the issue is still not resolved, then it is possible that the issue lies in your headphone. This is something that you can fix.

  • Check another Headphone set and see if that’s working. If it is, then your headphones are faulty.
  • But if the other headphone doesn’t work either, then the port is damaged.

Replace the Audio Board on Laptop

Your laptop’s audio board may be damaged. The audio board on any Lenovo laptop is separate from the motherboard that can be replaced easily. Replace it, and that should fix your problem.

These ways should fix your issue with the headphone jack not working. If there is still any problem, then contact an expert and get it checked.


This was a short solution for Lenovo laptop headphone jack not working. For more details, you can comment in the box below.


Q#1: How can I fix the headphone jack on a laptop?

Ans: Go to the Playback option tab and click on the headphone device icon. Then you have to select the enable option. This is the solution for Windows 10.

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