Lenovo laptop Internet Issue Resolved

Lenovo Laptop Connected to Internet Wifi But No Internet Access

Most of the users face a situation where their laptop Lenovo laptop connected to wifi but no internet access, and they can’t open any web page to browse on the Internet. It is a strange problem for the b beginners, but you can always fix such issues if the problem is from your side.

At the point when you’re associated with the Web through WiFi yet can’t get to any web page, check your internet icon or the Wireless Wifi icon right-hand side taskbar of the best laptop values. You’ll probably see a little yellow triangle that shows some kind of warning, and when you click on it, it shows a “no internet, secured” dialog.

This limited connection happens because of various reasons; the most commonly occurring is changing the configuration settings of your IP address that could make your router have issues associating with the Web. Any program, including an update to the working framework, can cause this issue.

Since it is not easy to find out the exact issue, we are suggesting some quick fixes for such kind of error in this article. Try these fixes

Change Properties of your WiFi Connection

Follow the guide below to change the properties of your web connection.

  • First, hold the Windows and “R” key. In the run window, enter the text “ncpa.cpl” and click on the OK button to open a “network connections” window.
  • From there, you can choose WiFi connection and then right-click on the WiFi option to choose “properties.”

In the next box, make sure that these options are marked as a check.

  • Link-layer topology discovery mapper I/O driver
  • Client for Microsoft networks
  • File and printer sharing for Microsoft networks
  • Link-layer topology discovery responder
  • Internet protocol version 4, or TCP/IPv4
  • Internet protocol version 6, or TCP/IPv6

Then you can find the Network option and search for the Wifi connection that is causing the error with connectivity. Unplug the Ethernet cable if that is connected to the Lenovo laptop or enable airplane mode for some time and then turn it off.

Enable Airplane Mode on your Computer

  • Restart the WiFi device
  • Now wait for it to start and after it is up, disable the airplane mode that you turned on initially from your laptop
  • Try connecting to the problematic Wifi network again and see if you can browse to the Internet or not.

Change Power Management Properties

The other problem that can be the reason behind the “no Internet secured” error can be power management settings. This problem arises on Windows 10, and if you are using Windows 10 on your Lenovo laptop, then you can perform these steps to fix this issue.

  • Press the Windows key + X button from the keyboard at the same time to get to the jump list
  • Select device manager > network adapters
  • Double-click wireless > “power management” tab
  • Unmark the option “allow the computer to turn off this device to save more power.”
  • Restart the laptop and connect to the Internet.


This was an easy fix solution for Lenovo’s laptop not being able to access the Internet when connected to the web. For more details, leave a reply in the box below.


Q#1: Why is my laptop connected to a network WiFi but no internet access?

Ans: This type of problem may be caused due to an outdated network driver. The small yellow icon on the internet option shows the limited connectivity of the Internet due to some kind of issue you’re your power management or network connection.

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