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Gaming laptops are great performance devices that can provide all the features in a compact device for a user. Moderns laptops are equipped with a high-end graphics card that delivers great performance in terms of graphics and stability of a laptop when it performs with certain software or new games.

The demand for new games is pretty high which also demands the users to get a device that can run those games. This brings the need for a suitable choice that a user can get for a reasonable price and high performance. For this, you can consider buying a laptop with GTX 1080. This is a great graphic card to support the processor and your memory in order to run the latest games and software.

To solve your problem in deciding on a laptop with GTX 1080, here we have a suggestion that you can try and buy for yourself and see what it can do.

Alienware AW17R4-7352SLV-PUS

The Alienware 17 is an absolute monster in the world of gaming laptops with its constant evolution in technology over the years. This is a rigid laptop made with a magnesium alloy body and copper components for better performance. This laptop is a great choice to consider as a laptop with GTX 1080 as it gives tactile comfort for use and the performance for gaming of this laptop is endless. The specifications of this laptop are.

Technical Specifications

  • Intel Core i7-7820HK Quad Core.
  • 32 GB DDR4 at 2400MHz RAM memory.
  • 1 TB Hard drive at 7200 RPM SATA and 256 GB PCIe SSD.
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080.
  • 17’3″ QHD display with 2560×1440 at 120 HZ with anti-glare and TN panel.
  • Windows 10 Home OS.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity.

Latest Tech

The Alienware 17 comes with some upgrades like Killer Wireless: Killer DoubleShot Pro which enables to set up of wired and wireless networking for the users. This focuses on the data that is a priority for you and provides a smooth internet usage experience through it.

Alienware Graphics Amplifier Support

This is a feature that lets future-proofing of upgradeable graphics at full length, dual-wide and additional of 4-port USB 3.0 hub when you want to include more peripherals devices to the laptop.

Solid-State Drive

An SSD carries magnificent advantages to your entire laptop framework. Now you can run your games quicker, get shocked and vibrations for a great feel with better speed and limit, and considerably more. Strong state drives (SSDs) make practically no clamor and have fewer faults since they have no moving parts.

System Performance

The Intel Core i7-7820HK with Quad Cores installed on this laptop gives great performance to your gaming experience. You can run multiple tasks at the same time and any heavy CAD software without feeling slow or cozy. Your machine is able to enhance power utilization and surprisingly trigger further developed security profiles. A weighty new element is selective to Alienware machines.


Witness the best display with your gaming and movies at 17″ LCD screen with broader with that can make with upheld QHD resolution. It comes with an anti-glare finish. The 17″ QHD 120Hz on the display is intended to convey the smoothest gaming experience with a 4ms reaction time, 400 nits of brilliance, and NVIDIA G-sync innovation on selected modules

Temperature Management

The latest innovation in this laptop with GTX 1080 has good temperature management with the power support along with the framework to keep your device even on the high pressure of gaming and other software. With the whole ventilation framework overhauled, your laptop can remain cool much under high graphics settings.

Practical Gaming

Furnished with the best gaming experience and smart technology, this laptop supports your gaming with its Tobii eye following that lets you enter orders that are more in order to reality. You can enjoy the best experience with games like Ghost Recon, Battlefield, Far Cry, Horizon Zero Dawn, and various other games on this laptop.

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This was a discussion about a laptop with GTX 1080 and we discussed Alienware 17 with its all unique and extreme features for gaming.


Q#1: Which is the best gaming laptop with GTX 1080?

Ans: The best gaming laptop with a GTX 1080 is Alienware AW17R4-7352SLV-PUS that has the most advanced and high-end features for gaming.

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