Laptop Making High Pitched Noise

Laptop Making High Pitched Noise – Solutions In 2023

Imagine using a laptop and you start to get a weird noise out of your laptop that makes a high-pitched sound, then you should be aware that something might be messing with your system. It is due to several reasons, but you are never sure what is causing that sound.

In certain situations, this high-frequency noise is heard from the system due to a change in processor activity and load, due to which its frequency is increased and causes the sound. This is mainly due to any USB devices that are plugged in on the laptop. Usually, all best computer for church media make a buzzing sound, but they are not high pitched; the high pitched buzzing is caused due to abnormal processor behavior due to any reason.

The noise is audible to a human when it has been isolated within the power circuit of a processor in a C3 power state. This mode is meant to make the system get into a low power mode to help reduce its chassis heat to help in extension of battery life as well. Due to this reason, the changes that are caused to the components of the processor are caused by Piezoelectric Effect.

Piezoelectric Effect

The Piezoelectric effect is an effect that causes certain mechanical materials to generate an electric charge when any kind of mechanical stress is applied to the system. When a specific voltage hits the components of certain mechanical materials, they tend to cause resonation, which produces a high-pitched sound that is clearly audible to any human.

The type of sound is normal among most of the best laptops for streaming movies as it is a technical cause. But to fix this sound, replacing any of the parts would not fix the buzz in your ears. If you want to make this high-pitched noise go away, there is a trick and easy solution that can be looked at to get rid of this noise and prevent your system from entering the C3 power state. Let’s see what you can do.

Enabling Bus Mastering Devices

Enabling bus mastering devices can help your system stop from entering the C3 state, such as the onboard Bluetooth radio can be of great help in this situation to prevent the processor of your best laptops for streaming from entering the C3 state.

Enabling the Bluetooth radio can prevent intermittent, high-pitched noise. But you should know that when the system is running on your battery only, it may cause to reduce the battery’s operational time.

So first, we see a simple procedure to enable Bluetooth radio.

  • Open the system tray, and press right-click on the Bluetooth icon.
  • Go to Bluetooth settings and click on the Power On option that is displayed.

The Bluetooth radio tends to shut down after most of the laptops boots up. It is for the most reason due to the power saving checkbox left as enabled. As a result, this causes the Bluetooth to stay off, and this lets your processor make a high-pitched sound by going into a C3 power state.

Fixing the High Pitched Noise Issue

  • It is easy to fix such issues; you just have to go to Device Manager and select the Bluetooth option and select its properties.
  • Click on the “Power Management” option, and then untick the option that says “Allow the system to turn off this option to save power.”
  • After following these steps, the noise stops.


This was an easy fix for all laptops that are causing high-pitched noise to disturb their users. Follow the instructions, and that should fix the problem. If there is still a problem, get your laptop checked. For more details, leave your comment in the box below.


Q#1: Why is my system making a weird squeaking sound?

Ans: This type of noise is caused due to fans in the system. If you are getting this sound from your system, then it is not good. It is most likely because fans of your system are unbalanced. Get it fixed.

Q#2: Why does my laptop start to make a whistling sound?

Ans: When the whistling sound is caused when the processor is facing a high-temperature issue, the other reason is that the fan of your CPU is not performing well. You need to replace some hardware components.

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