Laptop Makes A Rattling Noise

Laptop Makes A Rattling Noise When Tilted – Reasons And Solutions In 2023

Many laptop users face issues while using their laptop or tablet that can badly affect their work progress and consume time as well. One of these is a laptop starts making a rattling noise coming from the board. It is not easy to understand why some laptops might do this, but there can be multiple reasons why laptops make a rattling noise when tilted. We are going to discuss some quick problems and their quick solutions here.

Loose Screws Or Bolts

One of the major issues for rattling noise is loose screws of fans or any component inside the laptop. When a user tilts it, a rattling sound is produced, which indicates that something is scratching on the inside with other components. This issue is critical, and it can cause huge losses in case you don’t fix it quickly.

To fix such an issue, look for the screws first that need to be tightened, if any. In case there are no screw issues, then you have to check for the keyboard and replace it as the sometimes loose keyboard can cause the rattling sound from a laptop.


Overheating of a laptop can cause a rattling noise. It is one of the major issues in a laptop that is caused due to fan. An overheated laptop can impact its cooling system, such as the cooling fan installed in it. It happens when there is not sufficient power to the GPU, and it needs cooling, which becomes difficult for its unit to manage CPU needs.

In order to avoid heating, you have to replace the cooling fans of the Best Laptop for Coding first and check to see if your problem gets fixed.

Loose RAM

Rattling sound in a laptop can also be produced when you tilt a laptop due to loose Ram. In case you have not properly placed a RAM in the slot, then it is a must that you check the RAM on your board and place it firmly into the slot. The RAM causes rattling noise when a Best Laptop With Spanish Keyboard is tilted or shaken; this can be fixed after tightening the RAM in its slot. After fastening the RAM in its slot, check if the noise is gone.


Dirt is a reason for most of the faults and problems in the electronic components of any laptop. It can slow down your computer and can affect its hardware which is why any of the components might be under problem. You can check for this problem and use a blower to properly clean the inside body of your laptop in order to fix the rattling noise produced by your laptop.

Loose Fan Mounting

There is generally a common issue that the fan mounted in a laptop’s body gets loose with time due to excessive usage. This can cause the fan to produce rattling noise inside the laptop. The coil in the fan rubs on the edges of other components around it and makes a high-pitched sound that can be pretty disturbing.

To fix this problem, adjust the fan mounting properly into its place, or if it’s broken, you will need to replace the mounting or fan as soon as you can.

All of these issues can be the reason behind this rattling noise issue. You may have understood why a laptop makes a rattling noise when tilted. Try these solutions to check which one fixes your problem.

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This was a discussion about an issue of rattling noise coming from a laptop when it is tilted. We discussed the problems and the reasons for them and their solutions to fix them.


Q#1: Why is my laptop making a rattling noise?

Ans: In case you tilt a laptop, and you hear a rattling noise from it, there can be several reasons for it. These reasons can be starting from loose fan mounting or loose screws inside the body of the laptop for the components. Check properly for the RAM, whether it’s tightly positioned in the RAM slot or not. Check for the problems and apply fixes to them.

Q#2: Is rattling noise from a laptop bad?

Ans: Rattling noise is a sign of bad indication of your laptop’s condition. It means that your laptop might have a heating issue or any hardware issue that needs to be fixed.

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