Laptop Disconnects from Wifi

Laptop Disconnects from Wifi

Is it true that your laptop disconnects from wifi after some interval of time? You are not alone; many other consumers have reported that their Wifi disconnects and connects at strange times. It just disconnects and reconnects in a matter of seconds. Alternatively, Wifi may disconnect and not reconnect until the system is restarted. So, what’s the deal with Wifi disconnecting all the time? The explanation for this could be anything, but we’ll try to figure out how to cure the Best Laptop Thermal Paste that keeps loosing Wifi connection issue below.

Laptop Disconnects from Wifi: How to fix

Let’s get into some more particular examples now. We’ve compiled a list of common solutions that have helped us maintain a consistent Internet connection on a variety of PCs. If you follow the advice in this section, you should be able to solve your Wifi disconnect problem.

  1. Forget Wifi Network & Reconnect
  2. Restart Everything.
  3. Update Your Drivers
  4. Modify the Wifi Network Mode
  5. Disable the Wifi Card’s Power Saving Mode on your PC.
  6. Get a New Wifi Network Card to Replace Your Old One

Forget Wifi Network & Reconnect:

It may seem strange to say this, but forgetting the hotspot and reconnecting from scratch frequently helps to resolve the problem of a dropped Wifi connection. Perform the actions listed below.

  • Forget your Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • After that, go to your network’s name; click Connect, type the security key, and then click Next.

Restart Everything:

We strongly advise that you power cycle all of your equipment – restart your router and reboot your PC – before diving into some advanced settings and changing serious parameters.

It would be a huge waste of time if you tried everything and then discovered that the problem was simply a router or Windows PC issue.

Update Your Drivers:

Connect your PC to your router via Ethernet connection and use the Device Manager to update the driver for your wireless card.

Modify the Wifi Network Mode:

The issue could be caused by malfunctioning drivers that do not work properly with Windows 10. Change the wifi band by logging into your router’s configuration page.

Disable the Wifi Card’s Power Saving Mode on your PC:

The ability of the Windows operating system to turn off certain devices to save power is frequently the source of similar difficulties. It might be amazing at times, but it can also be really messy. We recommend that you turn off power saving on your wireless network adapter.

Get a New Wifi Network Card to Replace Your Old One:

If none of the above worked and your laptop’s WiFi connection kept disappearing, consider replacing your wireless card with a new USB or PCI Express module. Your ISP’s latest gateways may be incompatible with old gear.


The methods listed above are a few that have proven to be beneficial to many Laptop with HDMI 2.0 users. You don’t have to try all of them; just try a few until you find one that works for you.


Q#1: Why does my laptop’s Wifi constantly disconnecting?

Ans: Erroneous network Power Settings, wrong network settings, corrupted or outdated Wifi drivers, and other factors are among the most common causes of this problem.