Laptop Charging Port Repair

What Is Laptop Charging Port Repair Cost

Laptops can become a headache when the charging port is not working, and you have some important tasks to do before the battery runs out. In the current world of technology and communication, these handheld devices have become a necessity in our life, which helps us most of the time in clearing our work.

Laptops run on battery, and batteries are charging through charging ports given in the laptop. But what if your charging port is damaged? Or what if it is not working anymore? Then here, we have a guide for you that tells you what to do and how many laptops charging port repair costs. Repairing your laptop’s charging port may turn out to be costly such as between $50 to $80. So we can suggest an easy fix first.

Checking the Charging Port by Yourself

Before repairing your laptop, you can also do a little dissection of your laptops with thunderbolt 3 to check the problem for yourself by looking into the stems of your laptop. If you want to get the solution without spending any cost, the first suggestion for you would be that you check it by yourself for any broken links or damaged area of the port or there is a possibility of some particles blocking the port.

Identifying the Problem

  • You should be keen on checking for the battery issues or the fault charger; there can be several reasons for the laptop not being able to charge. Check for each of the things, including the adapter, port, motherboard, and other areas of the laptop that may not be carrying any fault.

Fixing the Charging Port

First, you must have knowledge of what you are doing. Repairing or replacing the charging port may be a tricky part, and it requires certain knowledge to open and analyze the port. If you get it checked by a technician or an expert, they may give you different rates according to different cities and their rates. That is why we would suggest you check it first by yourself by opening the laptop and opening the charging port.

  • Open up the base of your laptop by opening each part very carefully.
  • Once you are done with separating the parts, hold the charging port carefully and see if you can detach it easily from the motherboard.
  • You need to be very precautious because they are very sensitive, and you can damage your whole motherboard.
  • After you have removed the charging port, check for any kind of problem with its structure or and particles blocking the way.
  • If you find any trouble with the port like dust particles or a malfunctioned port due to current or any other problem that seems to be not easy to fix for you, then you need to get it to an expert and let him repair or simply replace it with a new one. Otherwise, if you can fix the issue yourself, that would be best to save you cost and time.

Laptop Charging Port Repair Cost

If you cant fix the charging port and you think that replacing or repairing it would be the best solution, then you can get it checked by an expert and get it replaced with the best ones in the market. Try to use a good quality and suitable port for your laptop that may not harm or affect your motherboard.

You can read reviews of people on the internet first about certain ports. The cost for replacing the charging port may vary between $50 to $80 depending on different things like laptop model and port type. This should do your work, and we hope your problem meets its solution after you repair or replace your laptop’s charging port from a decent supplier or an authentic dealer.


All details of the laptop’s charging port repair cost and easy fix have been mentioned in this article. For more easy solutions and suggestions, you can let us know. There is a comment box below for you to leave a review.


Can you fix the laptop’s charging port by yourself?

Yes, you can. But only if you have the knowledge about how to open and find the problem and then fix it if you know what you are doing.

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