Is Macbook Air Good For Engineering Students

Is MacBook Air Good For Engineering Students? Students Guide On Heavy CAD-CAM Softwares In 2023

Engineering is a feat that requires sheer skills, ample knowledge, and the right set of tools in order to attain it.

Otherwise, your productivity will be hindered since you would be wasting plenty of time due to inefficiency or incompatibility with the projects you are working on.

This is why having something robust and versatile is highly necessitated and if you are a student that is looking for a laptop or computer for your everyday tasks then you might want to give Apple MacBook Air a thought.

However, the bigger question here is, is MacBook air good for engineering students? Scroll down below to find out!

Is Macbook Air Good For Engineering Students? The Advantages:

Answering that question can be a tad bit tricky but worry not I will break it down to you, whether or not Macbook Air is the right pick for you.

1. Portability At Your Fingertips.

To start off, Apple has designed both their Macbook Pro and Air version incredibly lightweight so that users don’t feel like they are weighed down, which otherwise is pretty common with other brands of laptops.

They are sleek and incredibly stylish and weigh no more than a book, which means you can pop that baby right in your handbag without little to no effort.

2. Battery Life For Days.

Pretty sure working all day and night tirelessly could take a toll on not only your mental health but also your battery life. However, Macbook Air is optimized to have long-lasting battery life that could give you a runtime of up to 18 hours, especially if you own the M1 Chip version.

While windows based laptops might look tempting with their flashy gimmicks, they won’t be suitable for you as they only deliver battery runtime only for a couple of hours and after that plugging it in an electrical outlet is something you would be looking forward to the most.

3. Clean & Tidy User Interface.

Unlike Windows which has cluttered and messy User interfaces with confusing options and ineffective troubleshooting utilities, Macbooks on the other hand have a simple and neat user interface.

At first glance, it might not feel like it’s true as Individuals tend to find Windows UI a lot easier to adapt to, however, once you get your hands on the Macbook Air, you will hardly feel like going to other brands.

The options and tools are pretty straightforward and the Operating System environment is fluid enough to get the job done.

4. Fewer Bugs To Deal With.

Each Update released by another Operating system brings out numerous bugs which you didn’t even know exist in the first place.

The security patches are often in beta or early stages which sometimes can affect your laptop performance.

However, MacOs have thoroughly tested updates that have minimal bugs and only have errors regarding updates or security patches, once in a blue moon.

The Ugly Side Of Using Macbook Air – The Disadvantages:

All of the points mentioned above are praiseworthy, however, there are also some factors you might want to keep in mind.

1. Processing Power.

If you want to get something robust, then Macbook Pro might be your Goto choice, as the “Air” version simply does not hold as much competency and will disappoint if you want to run heavy-duty tasks such as AutoCAD, Solidworks, or blender.

Even the M1 chip is considered quite weaker when viewed from the perspective of the “Pro” version, so if you really want to get a Mac, at least go for the more Powerful Kind of Macbook.

2. Incompatibility Issue.

The incompatibility is the main issue in MacBooks for engineering students.

Even though you could simply install “Parallel” for Macbook in order to provide compatibility with applications specially made for windows, it feels like a daunting task for students that are not tech savvy enough.

On the other hand, some applications such as AutoCad that are ported to MacOs, lack base features and may not be as effective for you to use.

3. Expensive Choice.

Owning luxury comes at a cost, Apple Macbooks might be captivating enough for you, however, your financial standings may not cooperate with you.

In other words, if you are tight on budget, then steer clear as Macbooks are incredibly expensive as there are other cheaper options that you might want to consider.

Which Laptops Do Engineering Students Use?

Well here is a short survey by Engineering Stories at UBC. They conducted a survey of engineering students about their laptops and asked them about their daily driver. So we could have the idea that if a laptop is used by many students then it means that it’s performing well in that field. Let’s watch that video.

Hopefully, you will have a more clear idea about the best laptop used by engineering students, Thanks.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, if you hold a substantial amount of cash to spend on a laptop, then Macbook is surely a fine option, just make sure you get the Pro version as it is way more robust. On the other hand, you might need to be mindful of the incompatibility issues.

But then again, those could be solved after the developer initiates updates by making them more compatible with the macOS.

However, if you don’t utilize tools like Blender or Solidworks, and simply want to take notes and perform regular everyday education tasks, then considering the battery life Macbooks have to offer is simply impeccable enough to be ignored.

By reading the article, You will Is Macbook Air Good For Engineering Students if you weigh in on your possible course of action based on the information provided above.

As always, thanks for reading, and have a lovely day!

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