Is Far Cry 5 Cross Platform

Is Far Cry 5 Cross Platform [2022] – Different Problems And Final Verdict

Far cry 5 is another masterpiece of the award-winning franchise which was released in 2018. It comes with a lot of new features like a big open world and player customization but the most striking feature of far cry 5 is its online co-op mode. 

Now, the question that is bugging us all is, Is far cry 5 cross platform or not? Unfortunately, being able to be played across different gaming platforms, is a luxury not many games possess. 

And for those of you who came here looking for a positive answer, I am sorry for being the bearer of the bad news but, far cry 5 does not offer cross platform playing ability to its players.

What Even is Cross-Platform?

In gaming, often called cross-compatible play, cross platform plays, or simply cross play is the ability of people playing on different gaming hardware -platforms- to play a game together simultaneously despite having different gaming hardware. The most famous gaming platforms today are PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

So, in other words, if a game does not offer cross platform gameplay, it implies that the people playing on Xbox cannot play with their friends or other people who are playing on PC or PlayStation and vice versa.

Is Far Cry 5 Cross Platform?

Far cry 5 is just another amazing first-person shooting game among Ubisoft’s Far cry series which was released back on March 26, 2018. The game is a sequel to far cry 4 and a predecessor of far cry 6. 

The game offers a co-operative i.e., co-op game mode which is also a multiplayer mode allowing players on the same platform to enjoy the features of the game together, but unfortunately, as of now, the game does not offer any cross-platform gameplay of any sort.

Cloud Gaming Battle explained this in detail…

Problems With Making Cross Platform Games

However simple it may seem, there exist a lot of technical and logical issues in making and implementing a cross platform game. Some of which include the following

Running Ability of the Hardware

The major problem arises with the nature of the hardware, PC users can enhance their playing ability by boosting the game performance with their high-end GPUs and processors, whereas the players playing on consoles are stuck with their hardware’s performance limitations. This clearly gives the PC users an edge in terms of how the game runs on both platforms.

The popularity of the Platform

It is only logical that a franchise can increase its sales by multiple folds if they release and stick the game to a single platform, making the people buy more of a specific platform to enjoy the game.

Nature of the Games

Besides the performance edge, PC players have an innate edge over console players, especially when speaking of FPS games which involve fast movements of the aims and aiming at precise spots that can be achieved to a higher precision with a mouse and keyboard as compared to a controller.

Problems With Imposing Policies

A platform cannot act on the reports against players of a different platform. For example, Microsoft cannot punish a PlayStation player who is being reported for abusing an Xbox player and vice versa.


Although the game is not cross platform, you can still enjoy it with your friends on the same platform. The immersive gameplay is so much fun to play alone as well!

In the end, I hope this article helped you in giving you an insight on the topic of “Is far cry 5 cross platform?” and you got your answer after going through the article.

Is There A Possibility Of Far Cry 5 being Cross Platform In the Future?

Despite having an enormous fan base and huge popularity, the developers have not provided any insight regarding any form of cross play possibility in far cry 5 anytime soon. 

Is Far Cry 5 Cross Platform Xbox and PS4?

No, Far Cry 5 is not cross platform between Xbox and PS4 which means a person playing the game on Xbox can only play with other people on Xbox and vice versa.

Is Far Cry 4 cross-platform?

No, Far Cry 4 is not cross platform. You cannot play Far Cry 4 with your friends on different platforms.

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