Is Asus A Good Brand For Laptop

Is Asus A Good Brand For Laptop? Let’s See With Proof [2023]

The world of computers is cluttered with tons of brands to choose from, some better than others, however, all of them strive harder in order to cater to their audience so that they could get an edge over their rival.

However, it is worth noting that there are only a few brands that stand out from the crowd, among those is the most renowned brand known as Asus.

The reason why I selected that brand, is that it is the most sought-after brand, and given its high hype, there is very little information regarding whether is Asus a good brand for a laptop.

So let’s start with the history of ASUS,

Origin Of ASUS

Asus is the most underrated and renowned brand in the world located in Taiwan that specializes in manufacturing electronic devices such as Laptops.

Their list of laptops includes Laptops for creators such as ProArt StudioBooks focused on unleashing your creativity, laptops for Gamers such as ASUS ROG series that have unmatched capabilities as well as Vivobooks which are lightweight and stylish solutions for your everyday needs.

Is Asus A Good Brand For Laptop

Calling it simply “Good” is more of an underrated term as they can be regarded as more than just good. Each and every series released by ASUS is simply phenomenal for a wide variety of reasons that will be explained below.

Well, here is a good video explanation and reviews, in case you prefer a video more than a blog post.

1. Quality Beyond Belief.

You heard that right, owning an ASUS laptop will guarantee you an out-of-the-world experience, let’s take the ASUS ROG Zephyrus for instance, it has robust finishing and a sturdy metal body.

The premium feel of ASUS laptops will instantly leave you mesmerized as the resilient build will easily last you for years to come.

And unlike other brands which often downsize on the budget and have a cheap plastic-like feel, ASUS laptops’ chassis are made from the highest quality metal which can withstand almost all sorts of blows and impacts with ease.

2. Peak Creativity Factor.

Nobody does it like ASUS when it comes to having one of the best Creator-oriented laptops in the market. The dual-screen feature in some of their laptops is like a holy grail, rare but handy, and is no doubt a head turner.

Moreover, it also acts as an advantage since it can also act as a second monitor or a tablet screen for some of the useful shortcuts for video editing or image processing that you have ever seen.

Moreover, you can also use it as a stream deck, allowing you to multitask on the go.

3. Excellent Price Tags.

Having the best tools in your arsenal isn’t always enough, you have to own the market with competitive prices as well.

In other words, to keep up with the market standards and grab the attention of your audience, ASUS ensures they have the best possible price tags when compared to its competitors.

Their Vivobook Series is by far one of the most versatile and budget-friendly laptops you may have ever seen, their formula of offering plenty of features under the friendly “Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) ” surely is eye-catching and praiseworthy.

4. Performance At Your Fingertips.

Asus manufactures its laptops in Taiwan, which is a primary hub for silicon chip fabrication. So naturally, the laptops you buy from ASUS are not only reasonably priced, but they also come with the highest-quality hardware.

As most of the cutting-edge laptop components created in Taiwan are usually added first in ASUS brand than any other laptop brand you may ever see.

5. Supreme Customer Care Service.

The secret behind a successful company usually lies in keeping the customer happy which is only possible if your customer care service is up to the highest standard and provides the best possible solution without further complicating a situation.

ASUS extends its hands toward its beloved customer and provides premium-level technical support for up to 12 months which could also be extended by paying a small sum.

Bottom Line

As you know, reputation is built on trust and integrity which can only happen when you live up to your promises. ASUS strives harder to maintain its reputation by keeping its trust factor uncompromised at all costs by providing next-level hardware quality while having reasonable price tags.

And even if anything goes wrong, the extended warranty period will surely have you covered from all sides. So keeping all these factors in mind, Is Asus a good brand for laptops?

Well, the signs are clear as day, so feel confident and invest in your hard-earned cash you won’t be disappointed.

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