Hp laptops are garbage

Hp laptops Are Garbage Is it True?

There have been many complaints from users all around the world about HP laptops are garbage or trash as they don’t last long or they have a lot of problems occurring in them within 2 months of use.

Most of their laptops have been reported most commonly for a keyboard problem that is found to be not able to fix. Due to window 98 laptop, most of the users experience the key being pressed or automatically repeating itself until the user presses it again. There are several heating problems with these laptops, and their parts are not easy to replace.

The build quality of best laptop for scientific computing is very low, even for the gaming laptops that are reported to be heating many times. The battery dies within a year or 2, even for the new laptops.

The most common problems occurring with these laptops are.

Unhealthy Casing

The case is not strong enough with standard intel components and heatsink with a weak fan in the gaming laptops. This causes heat to release, and the fans are not strong enough to cool down the laptop.


The motherboard is of cheap build quality that is not strong enough to support high-end components for performance for long hours. It catches dust easily, and it gets worst when you want to clean the best laptop for autocad users from the inside.


The RAM that is running in HP best laptop for blogging is not of that satisfactory quality as advertised because, on paper, 16GB RAM can be enough. But the RAM used in HP laptops is of such a bad quality that the users have preferred not to use their laptops anymore.

The major problem with HP laptops is that HP programs their motherboards to slow down the new RAM to the slowest speed possible when you put new RAM for performance. They also prevent access to the BIOS to change the RAM speed manually, which is why HP not only gives cheap and bad components but also leaves very few options for the users to upgrade their devices.

This causes more frustration among the users, and they hate using laptops from HP. Hence considering them garbage or trash is true according to a lot of forums and reposts from the users who are giving reviews about certain products.


This was a short discussion on HP laptops being garbage or trash. The discussion shows all the bad points in HP laptops. For more details and info, there is a box given below to leave your comments.


Q#1: What are the problems with HP laptops?

Ans: Some of the commonly occurring problems with HP laptops, according to users review are.

  • LED lights keep blinking.
  • LED lights won’t glow.
  • The display gets black, and the laptop fails to start.
  • LED lights glow
  • The fan makes audible noises.
  • An error message shows with a black screen.
  • The system hangs when the Windows logo shows up.
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