HP Laptop Touch Screen Replacement

Broken! Noo! Here Is HP Laptop Touch Screen Replacement Complete Technique That You Should Know In 2022

Electronic gadgets are always very sensitive to impact, and they can get damaged very easily, even with a small force. You need to be extremely careful with electronic devices, especially those which have touch screens.

Touch screens are sensitive, and they have less durability and resistance to impact, and that is why it is the reason that most laptops’ touch screen gets damaged when they have to resist a certain force.

If you are facing issues with your display or touch screen, it can be repaired or replaced if the damage is not too much. There is a risk that either you are going to fix your device, or you are going to make it worse. But somebody’s got to do the job, right? So why not yourself?

All you need to do is follow a few steps because getting it repaired by professionals may cost you around $300. But here we have got you the guide to do the touch screen replacement yourself.

You should know your Laptop Model and Assess the damage

  • Before messing around with the device, you should be aware of what type of laptop model it is and how much it is going to cost you to do the replacements.
  • Always check for another screen online if you can get one at a reasonable price. Then inspect your device properly to make sure there isn’t any issue other than the screen.

Find suitable screen

  • Remember that all laptops have different types of screens due to models and brands. Each brand and each model may have a different size and quality screen, which may not be what you need.
  • So make sure about your laptop’s model and select the replacement screen accordingly. A normally used touch screen may be available for around $50, which is a fair price.

Gather the right set of tools and Open the Screen

You should be sure what tools you are using for each screw and each screen bezel for safety.

  • Don’t destroy or ruin anything. Once you have got all the tools that you need, then remove the power source first of all.
  • Removing the battery and any charger (if connected) would be helpful. Make sure you identify the stickers that cover the screws on a screen bezel. They may be at the bottom of your screen near hinges.
  • Remove those stickers carefully and then remove the screws beneath them and keep them aside. Then remove the bezel by using either a knife or some other object that is flat to pry your screen from the case of your laptop.
  • Remove the screens from below the screen, if any, and then gently wiggle the screen to get it out of the hinges from the case.

Removing the LCD

It is the trickiest part, so be careful with this one.

  • You will need to make sure that the bezel is off, and then you can start by removing the screws at the top corners.
  • Then remove the screen gently and place it near the keyboard.
  • Then disconnect the cable connectors that are going from the LCD to the body of the laptop.

Now connect/insert New Screen.

Now you can replace and insert the new screen in the same place you removed the old one from.

  • The process will be the same as you removed the cables and connectors from your previous screen; now, you will need to attach those cable connectors to your new screen and then put it in the spot between the hinges.
  • You will need to reattach the bezel and make sure all screws are reinserted. You can also use tapes to hold everything together.
  • Now you just have to power up your laptop back and see if that screen is now working for you just fine after replacement or not.

It is a simple process and doesn’t involve any complexity; you just have to spend some time and give some interest in it.


This was all about the hp laptop touch screen replacement. The procedures are explained in steps. You will find every type of guide step by step like, how to find another suitable screen, how to remove the screen, and then how to install the new one.

For more details, let us know in the comment section.

Q1: Does HP replace any broken screens?

Ans: Yes, HP does replace broken screens and doesn’t recommend you to replace the screen yourself.

Q2: Is it worth fixing a laptop screen?

Ans: If you don’t have enough budget to get your laptop replaced or fixed from an authorized shop, but you still want your data back. Then you should try simple repairs by yourself to fix your laptop.

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