HP Laptop Stuck In Airplane Mode

HP Laptop Stuck In Airplane Mode – How To Fix

HP laptop users have been facing a common issue many times stated as laptop stuck in Airplane mode. There are few reasons for this problem, but there is a fix too.

Airplane mode is a basic setting built in most of the latest devices that disables a device’s connection to any type of data transmission medium for both incoming and outgoing transmissions. This mode can also affect any other feature that requires data transmission to work, like a GPS system, a phone’s activity, voice recognition, etc.

The problem of the laptop being stuck in airplane mode can be due to several reasons. Most cellphones these days include an easy tap-on/tap-off choice from the settings that easily lets the user enable or disable the airplane mode.

For the best laptop for college nursing students, they may have toggle keys or switches built into them that can turn the airplane mode on or off without the user knowing anything about them. So first, we discuss the reason and then explain the solution.

Solution and Reasons Why HP Laptop Is Stuck In Airplane Mode

If you are facing this issue, then we can discuss some major reasons due to which this might be happening. You must have accidentally turned on the airplane mode in your HP laptop via a keyboard combination while typing.

Turn Off Airplane Mode Using Keys

HP laptops may use the combo of function key + F5 that must be turning airplane mode on and off, and you may have mistakenly pressed these keys while typing. This is common when the user is having experience with a new laptop.

  • To fix this problem, try hitting the Fn key + F5 key from your keyboard and check to see if that disables the airplane mode on your HP laptop with vga port.
  • In case that it doesn’t work, you should check the HP support site for explicit guidelines for your model to figure out what console button works for your framework, as not all HPs are similar.
  • Simply utilize that key combo to debilitate airplane mode later on in case that it ends up being stayed on without you knowing it.

Enable/Disable Airplane Mode In Windows Settings

The other way to fix this is enabling and disabling the airplane mode via Windows in case the keyboard commands don’t work. Here are the steps:

  • Click on the Start button, and then move to the settings icon.
  • After that, click on “Network and Internet,” and for the next window that appears, you can look for the “Airplane Mode” given under in the left column.
  • Click on Airplane mode, and then use the toggle icon to turn it off. After that, close the window when it’s done.
  • If this continues to happen, and it isn’t fixed with keyboard combo as well, then it is possible that your network adapter is outdated, and you will have to update it.

Update Drivers

To reset or update the network adapter, you can follow these steps.

  • Open the Start button and select device manager settings from the menu.
  • Find “Network Adapter” and click on the arrow or plus sign that is shown to expand its list.
  • Find the settings for your wireless adapter in this list and right-click on it for a drop-down menu that shows.
  • Click “Update Driver”, and then it will display another window, asking from you that how you would like to update this driver.
  • Select the option that says “Windows should automatically install the best driver….” and afterwards, wait for it to fully load the instructions on the screen, which you just have to follow in order to complete the process.
  • After it’s done, shut the Windows or reboot the system to see that the problem is fixed.


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Q#1: How do I get my HP laptop out of airplane mode?

Ans: In your HP laptop, if you want to turn Airplane mode off, you can use the Windows + I key to open the Settings of the laptop and then click the airplane mode option. Click to move the slider for airplane mode to turn it off or on.

Q#2: Why can’t I switch off airplane mode on my HP laptop?

Ans: You will need to update your drivers in case you are unable to turn off airplane mode on an HP laptop.