HP Ghost Silver Processor i3 8th gen

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HP company was founded in 1939 by two people Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. Hp started developing computers for the market in 1966 from where it started with testing and measurement equipment for the HP organization itself. With time, HP created time-sharing computer systems, calculators, and a lot more.

Now HP company has grown so vast that it deals with all kinds of computer systems and laptops and other electronic gadgets. The HP laptops and Notebook gadgets are one of their most selling products, and they pack loads of features into these handheld gadgets.

HP Ghost Silver i3 15_dw0037wm is a laptop that comes with a 15.6″ touch screen along with a core i3-8th gen processor. It has 1TB of HDD installed on it with 8GB of RAM running on Windows 10. We will discuss each of its features in detail.

What is the purpose of the notebook and Laptop?

A notebook is a handheld computer that runs on a battery that is smaller than a normal laptop used for some basic work like office work, libraries, meetings, or in airplanes. A laptop is a device that only weighs 3 – 4kgs depending on its size and hardware used for multi-tasking and work or for gaming as well.

HP Ghost Silver Processor i3 8th gen

HP Ghost Silver Processor i3 8th gen

HP ghost silver comes with an i3-8th gen processor that is meant to give more power to laptops. Usually, these processors have a speed up to 3.4 GHz that performs 30% better than an i3-7th gen processor. This makes the ghost silver a powerful device.

8GB ram

8GB is packed in this little Laptop that is very efficient for all the productivity tasks to be performed with this Laptop. This is average for the users who are looking to play games or run heavy CAD software on their devices, but some laptops are not meant to be used for that purpose.


Hp Ghost Silver is loaded with 1TB of Hardisk Space, which means 1000MB of storage. It is a lot of storage space from which some of it is shared with the system software. With such huge storage, you can store loads of entertainment files and videos, and you can download movies or keep a lot of work saved on your drive.

Windows 10

This Laptop comes with Windows 10 preinstalled on its hardware. Windows 10 is considered to be one of the most reliable proprietary OS that is used for personal computers and laptops. With all the upgraded specs, Windows 10 give maximum performance to the users.

Touch Screen

The additional advantage with this Laptop is its touch screen that can be used to quickly perform any tasks instead of scrolling and selecting various options. The touch is smooth and sensitive for the users that give a good experience with the overall usage of this device.


In this article, short details of the hp ghost silver i3 laptop have been shared with you. If there are questions or queries from your side, there is a box given below for the comment section; leave your comment and let us know what your question is.


Q#1: Is Intel Core i3 laptop good?

Ans: Core i3 processor by Intel for laptops is the best choice and most affordable value-for-money laptops. These laptops are best performing under a low budget for day-to-day tasks like internet surfing, making presentations, editing documents, watching some movies, and even gaming.

Q#2: Which is the Best Laptop for students by HP?

Ans: Students require a laptop that should be easy to use for documentation and editing and for moderate gaming. For this, HP ENVY X360 is the best choice.

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