How To Zoom Out On a PC

How To Zoom Out On a PC

When a person uses Windows PC, he may run multiple tasks or play games on it. The PC is meant to be used for long hours of data processing and file sharing. Users can get the benefit of reading and sharing information through the web, and some features of PC make such experiences even better, like zooming in and out of a screen. This feature lets the user see and read things clearly, or observe a text or image without stressing the eyes.

In case you are thinking how you can zoom out on a PC system, then this is a guide for you. We have four easy steps shared for you through which you can easily zoom out on a PC without stressing your eyes to read and watch anything on the screen. Here are the procedures.

Zoom Out Using A Keyboard

Zooming out from a PC screen using a keyboard is the simplest and one of the easiest steps that you can take. To do this, you just have to navigate to the page or app that you want to zoom in or out from. When you want to zoom out from a page, click on the page and then press the CTRL key from the keyboard. When done, hold the key and then press the Minus (-) key from the keyboard with it.

This allows you to zoom out of the screen. You can try this procedure on any type of screen or app. You can use it on the desktop of your system. It works best for desktop and web browsers for reading and learning purposes. It will make things look smaller if you want their size to be decreased. On the contrary, if you want to zoom in, then use the same CTRL button and then press the plus key (+) from the keyboard to zoom into a page or desktop.

Zooming Out Through Scroll Wheel

Another procedure to zoom out on a PC is through the scroll wheel of a mouse. This would allow you to zoom in and out of the documents or web pages along with any data files from your desktop. For this method, you have to hold the CTRL key once again and then use the scroll wheel to scroll downward, which will allow you to zoom out of the screen.

Scrolling down alongside the use of the CTRL key will allow the image or file/text to zoom out and get smaller in size. You can do inverse to increase the size of the text by scrolling the scroll wheel upwards.

Using Pinch on a Trackpad or Touchscreen

When you are using a touchscreen monitor on your PC or laptop, pinching on the screen can zoom out easily. In case you are using a website that has big font or text or some images, and you want to zoom out on it, you simply have to pinch on the screen with two fingers and press them inwards to zoom out of the screen.

This is easy with the trackball too. When you want to zoom out, hold two fingers together, and then you can inverse pinch them or directly pinch them based on your configuration settings to zoom out of the screen. You must also know that it may not sometimes work on your system because the option to zoom out by pinching may be turned off from your settings. So keep a note of this.


This was discussed on a procedure about how to zoom out on a PC. We shared four ways to do this, and each of the methods can be used to easily zoom out of the PC screen. For more details, you can see our FAQ.


How do you zoom out on Windows PC?

The easy way to zoom out on Windows PC is by using a keyboard or mouse. If you use a keyboard, you can press and hold the CTRL key and then use the minus or plus key to zoom in and out of the screen. If you want to zoom using a mouse, then you can hold the CTRL key and then scroll the mouse scroll wheel up or down to zoom in and out of the screen.

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