Wake up Dell Laptop From Sleep Mode

How to Wake up Dell Laptop From Sleep Mode

Sleep mode is a built-in function in all electronics these days, which can be of great advantages sometimes. Sleep mode is for power saving and stopping all activities of a computer to give it a rest. Any of your tasks or documents and files that are running are sent to the RAM of your computer when it goes into a low power state.

Sleep mode doesn’t mean that the device is shut down; the device is just set to use less power and idle all the running applications until the user turns the power back on manually. You can move your cursor or press any button on the keyboard to turn the screen back on and let the system get back into shape.

If you are using a dell laptop and you have no idea whether it’s on sleep mode or if it has crashed somehow and showing you a dark screen, then you must think about the reasons behind this before finding the solution.


This issue may be due to following reasons.

  • Your Windows may not be updated.
  • The BIOS system on the laptop reduces power to the port.
  • The Keyboard option in Control Panel is not configured properly, which will wake the computer when you press a key on the keyboard.
  • You may have encountered a system problem with your computer.
  • The Sleep key button that is on your keyboard may be configured incorrectly.

How to Wake Up Dell Laptop from Sleep Mode – Fix

  • You can try to press the power button on your dell laptop to wake your laptop again if it doesn’t wake up after pressing any keys from keyboard.
  • Opening up the lid may wake your best cpu for virtualization again if you closed the lid last time to put your laptop to sleep mode.
  • The key that you are pressing to wake up your dell laptop is not passed with the program that you are running, and the screen may display “Destroy all data files? Y/N” and you are asked to press any option, press the Y key to wake up your laptop, nothing happens.
  • There is also a probability for your laptop not waking up is that your laptop battery may be dead. Check the power-on lights to make sure if they are off, then the battery is dead.
  • If your laptop still doesn’t wake up, then it is possible that there is an issue with your system’s power management. Use an updated power management software to fix your problem.


This was all about waking up dell’s laptop from its sleep mode. You can follow the fixes that are mentioned here or just update few things to wake up your laptop without any hassle. For more details, there is a box for comments below.


Q#1: Where is the sleep or wake-up button?

Ans: The Sleep or wakeup button is on the upper side of key controls of a keyboard after the F1-F12 keys. This key is placed right next to Num Keys Light indicator.

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