Use Laptop HDMI as Input

How to use laptop HDMI as Input

An HDMI cable is the most frequent way to connect your laptop to your TV or another monitor. So, you should be able to attach a second device to your laptop via HDMI or use laptop HDMI as input, right?

Unfortunately, connecting an HDMI cable to your Best Laptops for Kodi Reviews and converting it from output to input isn’t as simple as it seems. Let’s have a look at how to connect a device to your laptop.

On a laptop, how can I change the HDMI output to input?

The answer is that without some additional hardware, you won’t be able to swap the HDMI from output to input on your laptop. This is due to the fact that laptops aren’t built to take video input, and there’s nothing your HDMI cable can do to change that.

A basic HDMI cable is not directional, meaning it can be used in both directions. This is where people get confused because they believe it means you can transform an output to an input. Unfortunately, while using HDMI, this isn’t possible.

As a result, you won’t be able to change your laptop’s ability to take an HDMI signal from another external device. Is there anything you can do to have your console, camera, or other device appear on your laptop screen and stream? There is, however, a technique (Capture Card) to accomplish this.

Capture Card

You can use a capture card to solve this problem. You may then connect a different device to your laptop and stream anything you see to your laptop screen as well. A laptop, as previously indicated, does not allow video input from another device, which can be inconvenient. A capture card, on the other hand, does exactly that: it allows your laptop to take video input from an external source.

If you’re wondering how Twitch streamers connect their console to their PC to stream their gameplay, they’ll be using a capture card. You must get a high-quality capture card. There will be a large degree of lag between the gaming and the streaming on your laptop if you use one of the cheaper capture cards on the market.

Choose a high-quality connection over a low-cost model. Currently, this is the best option to transfer your video or gaming console’s display to your laptop’s screen.

we have also reviewed top laptops that’s have HDMI 2.0 Port for expanding your productivity with several displays:


Normally, all HDMI ports on laptops are output only, and they cannot be converted to an input port directly. As a result, you must utilize converters, but they must also be compatible with laptop hardware. There is also software that allows for wireless display sharing, which is becoming increasingly common for all devices. This way you can use laptop hdmi as input.


Q#1: Is it possible to convert HDMI-out to HDMI-in?

Ans: No, HDMI output cannot be converted into an input. Bi-directional I/O signals are not supported by HDMI ports, and the technology is considerably different. Only an HDMI capture card is available as a solution.

Q#2: Is it possible to use HDMI as a source of input on a laptop?

Ans: Almost all laptops feature HDMI connections that are only for output. Some gaming laptops, such as Alienware, do, however, offer two HDMI ports, one for output and the other for input. However, the technology on such laptops is built to support high-end graphics from video game consoles, and a regular laptop should not be utilised for HDMI input because it may destroy the laptop’s hardware.

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