How To Use Laptop as Monitor for Switch

How To Use Laptop As Monitor For Switch? 

Gamers are present all around the world. There are multiple people with a craze for gaming and several platforms for gamers to play games on. One of those platforms is the recently developed Nintendo Switch.

The switch is usually connected to the TV through the Nintendo Dock. many people love the bigger screen experience rather than the 7’ display. However, there can be a potential case where you’d want to connect the Nintendo Switch with your best gaming laptop under 700 and in turn, use your laptop as a monitor for the switch.

For that purpose, you will require a few pieces of equipment to establish a proper connection and thorough following of the relevant instructions. So, before jumping directly into the essentials, let’s review what Nintendo Switch really is.

Nintendo Switch

Similar to the Sony PlayStation console, Nintendo Switch is also a video gaming console that has a screen display attached to the console. The console itself is of a hybrid nature meaning it can be used as a portable one.

The Nintendo game is enjoyed by people all around the world since it was first developed. You cannot possibly find a gaming fan who doesn’t love this handheld console. The Nintendo Switch did not get as much recognition before due to poor production and design of the console when it first came out. But has progressed much more since its launch in 2017.

Features of Nintendo Switch

Here you can get a few peeks of its various specs.

Nintendo SwitchSpecification
Operating system 
Nintendo Switch system software.
Nvidia Tegra X1
6.2-inch, 1280 × 720 LCD
256 Maxwell-based 
Stereo speakers 
Ambient light sensor
Multi-touch available
HDMI port
Lithium-ion battery.
Current firmware 

How to use laptop as monitor for switch

Yes, you can use the laptop as a monitor to a switch for playing the games. For that purp[ose, you will need a few things.


Here is the list of things needed to convert a laptop into a monitor for play Switch.

  • HDMI cable.
  • Laptop supporting an HDMI-input port.
  • Capture cards work as well.
  • A TV.
  • A Nintendo dock.
  • The Nintendo switch.
  • A laptop.
  • Required software to run capture cards on a laptop, if needed.

Step by step procedure

Here are the detailed steps you need to follow to convert your laptop into a monitor and enjoy playing a switch on it.

Step number 1: 

You will have to start the procedure by removing the HDMI connection from your TV and if your laptop supports an HDMI-input port rather than an output one then you can always use that as well. You can simply detach it from the TV and plug it into the laptop’s HDMI port. Whereas, if your laptop doesn’t support that detail, make sure you follow the capture card instructions.

Step number 2: 

If you are unable to plug the HDMI into the laptop then, you can pick up the capture card and attach the HDMI’s one end into the card and the other into the respective port of the laptop.

Step number 3: 

After that, you need to open your laptop and operate through the installed capture card software. Once done you can click full screen and enjoy the display on the laptop.

Step number 4: 

You can always adjust these settings from your laptop and remind you, you don’t have to use the dock for anything in this whole procedure. You can easily connect your Nintendo game to the laptop you own and enjoy the monitor experience on your laptop set up.


You can easily alter with a laptop’s settings and use it as a monitor to play your favorite video games on a bigger screen than the Nintendo Switch display. Although Switch is mos commonly inserted into a TV you can use a laptop for a monitor as well.


Q#1:  Can a laptop be posed as a monitor? 

Ans: Yes, laptops with HDMI-input port can be posed as a monitor in connection to various devices.

Q#2: Can I use HDMI on a laptop?

Ans: It depends on your laptop, not many laptops support the whole HDMI input ports.

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