Gaming Buddy! Let’s Take Our PS3 Fun To Our Laptop Screen [2022]

Many people have a passion for gaming. For this purpose, people tend to use multiple platforms such as PS consoles, Xbox, Custom-made PCs, etc. Many people have proper gaming setups in their homes with large monitors and various devices to have a next-level gaming experience.

But there are some other people like us, who want to know how to use the laptop as a monitor for PS3. So, this is a complete guide and you’ll have fun believe me. The laptop can be used as an alternate for the monitor because many laptops have an HDMI port. But, the rare factor is that not a lot of laptop models support the HDMI-in ports.

You have to completely follow this complex procedure to have a PS3 linked to the laptop using an HDMI cable; and for this purpose, you would have to use alternate cables. to create that sort of system which would support a PS3 console for your gaming.

Facts you should know before connecting your laptop to PS3

Here are some important things that you should know before connecting your laptop to PS3 for the purpose of monitor:


Your laptop must have an input HDMI port. Otherwise, every laptop has an output HDMI port which is basically useless in this scenario as you would have to find another source for input. You cannot transfer the display to your laptop from PS3 through the HDMI output cable. Not many laptops support it so you would have to either buy a new one or find other solutions.


Make sure your laptop is potentially compatible with Video cards or capture cards and that is not that costly. You can easily purchase one and that can be used as an alternate to an HDMI, you have to connect the video card to your laptop with USB cables and start connecting your PS3 console to your laptop via HDMI cable.

Capture cards:

The problem with capture cards is that it produces a lot of latency. This delay can ruin your video-gaming experience. even though you can connect your capture card via HDMI to the laptop but it can cause a several-second delay which would be brutal in the case of video gaming.

TV-turner card: 

The most exceptional way of connecting the PS3 console with the laptop is using a TV tuner card, as mentioned earlier, not a lot of laptops have the option of an input HDMI. That’s why a TV turner card can be used to connect the PS3 console with the laptop and use the laptop’s screen as a monitor. It would be a lot easier for PS4 though.

How to set your laptop as a monitor for PS3

There are a few things you need for this setup:

  1. Preferable connection ports in the laptop.
  2. Av cables of PS3.

You have to inspect possible connections of your PC. the connections may be HDMI, DVI, VGA, S-video, Composite, etc. You have to find an adaptable connection through which you can proceed with the PS3 gaming console connecting set up.

After that, you would have to connect your PS3 cables to the laptop port. Once you proceed to power on your PS3 you will ultimately be shown the respective details through which you will be able to create a stable connection between both devices and transfer the video game display onto your laptop.

The PC will ultimately give you updates on how to establish a connection and what sort of resolution and other options are available for the set up of your PS3 console with your laptop.

Here is a Full Video of the Process. You can Read the article or you can watch the video, either way, you will end up taking your PS3 Fun to your Laptop screen.


Connecting a PS3 console to your laptop can be a very complex process but, that process can be managed by following the given instructions. Preferably, through a TV tuner card.

Hopefully, your question about how to use the laptop as a monitor for PS3 is now answered in detail.

Q1: How do I change the display on my PS3? 

Ans: You can change the display on your PS3 by turning the screen on and searching the options for display. Those will be mentioned on the screen. The output content can be customized.

Q2: Does the audio ultimately turn on when you connect PS3 to the laptop? 

Ans: No, you would have to take separate steps for that arrangement.

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