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How To Turn On Backlit Keyboard Lenovo – 2 Best Methods In 2023

If you are the owner of a Lenovo laptop and you realized that your laptop has a backlit keyboard and you want it to turn on, you would start to think about how would you do it because as a new user you don’t have any idea about it.

This depends on the laptop model of Lenovo and for each of the models, it is possible that some laptops don’t have backlit keyboards where most of them may have.

To know whether your laptop has a backlit keyboard or not, you can simply look at the space bar button on your laptop keyboard. If it has a little (Keyboard lighting) icon then it means that your laptop has a backlit keyboard.

In case your laptop has a backlit keyboard and you want to know How To Turn On Backlit Keyboard Lenovo, then here are a few fixes step by step that we shared.

How to Turn on Backlit Keyboard On Lenovo (2 Methods)

There is a simple procedure that you can try in case you want to turn the backlit keyboard on or off on your Lenovo laptop.

1. Here is the step-by-step solution (First Method).

  • First, you can check the manual of the Lenovo laptop that will show you where you can find the backlit key function, if there is not, then you can search for a bulb or any light ray icon button on your keyboard.
  • This key is for showing an illuminated keyboard which means you can turn the light of the keyboard on or off with that key.
  • If there is no light icon present on the keyboard or on the Space button, it indicates that your system laptop is not supported with a backlit.
  • Usually the backlit works with Fn + Spacebarkey from the keyboard. Try it by pressing them together and see if it works.
  • There are three modes for the backlit Off, Low, and High that can be changed by pressing Fn + Spacebarevery time.
This is a simple video explanation for turning on a backlit keyboard on a Lenovo laptop.

2. Through Lenovo Software (2nd Method)

The other way to fix this issue of backlit keyboard is by the use of Lenovo Software, with this software, you can easily access the settings of your whole Lenovo laptop. The Lenovo Vantage 10 is suitable software for Windows that can be run to analyze more about your system.

There are settings from which you can check if your laptop model has a backlit keyboard or not and also the settings to show you how you can turn that light on or off according to your will. Some specific models do share a backlit keyboard for working but most of the keyboards don’t have a backlit keyboard on them if you are going with an old model.

Your laptop doesn’t have a Backlite keyboard? Then try this alternative.

flexible USB lamp

If your laptop doesn’t have a backlit keyboard, then there is an alternative that you can try. You can use a flexible USB lamp that can illuminate the keyboard for you.

Sometimes it is possible that your laptop may have automatically backlit which is why it may not be turning on with your key commands because the light or environment around isn’t suitable for it to take the effect.


This was a discussion about how to turn on the backlit keyboard Lenovo. This discussion led to an easy process of understanding whether the Lenovo laptop has a backlit keyboard or not and even if they have, how can you use key commands to activate or turn those lights off. In this case, there is also software by Lenovo that helps to turn the backlit keyboard and other settings to work.

By the way, I’ve asked a local reparing center for a complete keyboard swap, and they said that it will cost you around $35 to $40. Because my old Lenovo T470p also doesn’t have any backlit keyboard.

Q1: How can I say whether my Lenovo laptop has a backlit keyboard?

Ans: To check if your Lenovo laptop has a backlit keyboard installed on it, you can check for the Space key or the Esc button. There is a light icon or illumination icon on the keys that show that there is a function for a backlit keyboard. Some of them have the manuals with them to show you where can you turn backlit on or off.

Q2: For what reason is my Lenovo laptop not illuminating?

Ans: The Lenovo laptop that has a backlit keyboard may not be illuminating due to several reasons. To try a fix, you can press Fn + Space or Esc from which you can check if the backlit of the keyboard turns on or off. In case it does, it means your laptop has manual backlit settings, otherwise, most laptops have automatic settings for dark light conditions.

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