How To Turn A Regular Laptop Into A Gaming Laptop? 

In the gaming world, many people prefer to have a proper gaming setup as some people, with technical skill sets, make the best of what they have. Many people put up their old laptops as monitors for gaming and some might even try to upgrade their local laptops to gaming ones.

In this context, we will share every comprehensive and possible detail you could possibly learn to turn the regular laptop into a gaming laptop.

Changes to turn your regular laptop into a gaming laptop

Here is the following list of conditions that you can try to turn your regular laptop into a gaming laptop. 

  • Replacing old hardware with a new one.
  • Updating your RAM.
  • Updating your GPU.
  • Replacing CPU.
  • Overlocking
  • Buy a new laptop.

Replacing hardware

The most obvious details for laptop users would be their hardware. Once you know, you want to upgrade your msi vs asus laptop, the main thing you will be checking would be your external hardware. You can either replace it or upgrade it depends on what condition you come by.

If you have very old and exhausted hardware, you can change it by replacing it with a new one. Or if the pre-existing one is fine, then you can update your laptop to meet the terms and conditions of the gaming requirements.

Updating your Random Access Memory or RAM

This is the simplest form of updating your laptop. But by being easy, it not a dismissive quality. Updating your Random Access Memory can actually get your gaming experience to a whole new level. You can update your RAM by following these instructions:

  • Open the backside of your laptop where the memory chip is located.
  • Remove the memory chip while being certain of the fact that no damage whatsoever is caused to the connector, otherwise, the whole procedure would be ruined and laid to waste.
  • Insert the memory chip into its place and give it some pressure so that it settles nicely and connects.
  • Tight the screws and start up your laptop so can now enjoy an updated RAM.

Try upgrading your CPU or replacing it

There are two ways your CPU works for gaming. It either does or doesn’t. If your CPU is old and does not serve as a good processor you can try replacing it by buying a new one. A new CPU would take your game to higher levels because of such a fast processing rate.

Replacing the CPU from a laptop is more difficult than that from a computer so it is suggested that you seek professional help for this purpose.

Update your Graphics Card or GPU

The graphics card present in a laptop is highly essential and efficient for gaming. The better the graphics card, the smoother will be the gaming display. The gaming experience is ruined with low-quality graphics cards. So, if your graphic card is not working for you, it is highly recommended that you replace it with a new one.

Once you’ve replaced your graphics card, you will have to test it. To run a test, there are multiple programs online. You can find the desired program and stress test your laptop’s GPU.

Overlocking your Graphics card

If the pre-existing GPU is good enough you can boost up its performance. For that purpose, you have to overlock the GPU. it can only be done under special conditions- if the user has an AMD or Nvidia processor.

Buying a new laptop

There can be a possibility that your laptop doesn’t approve of the previous solutions, you can always sell a former laptop and purchase a better one for gaming. Unless you decide to use the laptop as a monitor, that works too.


You can now turn your regular laptop into a gaming laptop by following any one of the mentioned procedures at home.


Q#1: Can I exchange hard drives in laptops? 

Ans: Yes, it is possible to change hard drives between laptops.

Q#2: Can I turn my computer into a gaming PC? 

Ans: Yes, you can easily turn your computer into a gaming PC, provided you actually follow the instructions to transform it.

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