How To Track A Stolen Laptop With A Serial Number

In case your laptop has been stolen or misplaced due to some reasons, there is not much you can do about it. But still, you don’t have to lose your hope as there are few solutions and here we will discuss How To Track A Stolen Laptop With A Serial Number.

You can track a stolen laptop if you remember its serial number. While it is reasonable that a portion of the events in the present condition happen so quickly that they may not be controlled, but with the right help, you can follow procedures to get back your stolen gadget.

This article centres around how to follow a stolen laptop or track it down using its serial number. There are few solutions to try.

Track Stolen Laptop Using with serial number or  Mac Address

The MAC address of your Best Laptop Thermal Paste is comprised of six sets of two figures that are held together by hyphens. This is also called as a serial number, and you must remember this just in case any incident happens. To see where it is, go to utilities and start the terminal app.

You can also make use of “Command + Shift + U”. It displays all the network interfaces along with their MAC address. A decent chance of recovery of your laptop is by contacting your network administrator. But in case you haven’t registered your device on a central network, it’s useless.

But if you did register the device, getting in touch with the network administrator is necessary so that your laptop can be marked to be traced or for monitoring.

  • Informing the network administrator about your stolen laptop gives them a heads up that the device is no longer in your hand, and they can trace it when a change in IP address is observed. They would be able to see where the connection is coming from.

Finding A Windows Laptop

To search and find a Windows laptop, it’s easy as Microsoft has the Find My Device tool embedded in the latest Windows. This feature uses the operating system of your laptop and starts tracing its location from the day it gets missing.

How Can You Track The Laptop?

To track your laptop, you have to log in to the device with a Microsoft account from which your Find my device feature will start working. Here is how you can do it.

  • Go to Start and select Accounts.
  • Click your account and go to ‘update and security in the settings tab.
  • If your information is displayed, then you’re on. If not, you need to log in.
  • When the update and security option loads, search and click on ‘Find my Device’ on the sidebar menu.
  • Turn it On to be sure that you need a Windows 10 operating system to gain access to a Microsoft account.
  • Use your existing Microsoft account to log in and go to the Devices tab.
  • Select the stolen or missing device option, and click on find my device.
  • In case your device is not powered on, it will be hard to track; otherwise, you need an active internet connection to get its accurate location from GPS.
  • Through this, you can start tracking your stolen laptop in case if it’s on and being used somewhere.


This was a discussion about how to track stolen laptop with a serial number. The discussion included an easy guide for you that you can look upon losing your laptop. For more details or questions, there is a box given below for comments.


Q#1: Can You Track A Stolen Laptop With Serial Number?

Ans: Undoubtedly, your serial number can’t find your gadget’s exact location, but you can call your supplier or provider to tell them regarding the robbery so that they can track it down. They can, without much of a stretch, connect to the location of the gadget immediately in case if it’s powered on. Some client care services from the providers collect a serial number of a laptop when you sign in with a complaint grumbling about your stolen laptop.

Q#2: Is it possible to track a stolen laptop?

Ans: Yes, it is possible to track down a laptop in case if it’s linked to Microsoft account or if you remember its serial number. The network provider can trace it for you using its serial number, or you can use Microsoft’s find my device tool to track your laptop with your account.

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