How to Make Sims 3 Run Faster

How to Make Sims 3 Run Faster

Sims 3 is a game that can easily get slow and make a mess for you to ruin your gaming experience. This happens due to several reasons, and you want to know how to make Sims 3 run faster. Downloading the resource packages and unlocking lots of stuff packs can make your game run slow.

You would want to fix the laggy experience of the game, and there are few things that you can do in order to make Sims 3 run faster. So here are some tips about Best DDR3 Motherboard.

Graphics Settings

The graphics play an important role in the processing of the game and its smooth or laggy experience. In case you have a good graphic card and a processor, you can enjoy your games at high resolution and settings, but if you don’t have a graphic card or if you are playing the game on the built-in graphics card, then you might want to adjust your game settings.

The graphic settings can be lowered from the in-game menu by going to the Options and then selecting the Video option, where you get to choose the resolution and other settings. There are also several options that you can manually change and lower down to improve your game experience of Sims 3 and make it run faster.

The level of details and textures, along with shadows and other such extra graphic options, can be turned off to enhance the gameplay experience. This would consume less RAM and processor power as well.

Limit the Frame Rate

There are no frame rate limitations by default in Sims 3, and with the support of a good graphic card, the game can easily run on 100 FPS. But you may not be getting those frames as shown, and it also puts a lot of load on your GPU, which is why the game starts to get laggy and slow. This can lead to a damaged or bad hardware which should be your concern. So it’s better to limit the frame rate to 60FPS, which is enough for the game, and you can play smoothly as well.

There is an easy step procedure if you are using an NVIDIA graphics card.

  • Go to Nvidia Control Panel and then wait for it to load.
  • Then go to 3D settings and then select Manage 3D settings.
  • Select Program Settings and then go to customize program option to see a drop-down menu.
  • Find Sims 3 game on it and then go to High-performance NVIDIA processor settings and checkmark it.
  • Then select the option as Specify the Settings for this program where you can search Max Frame Rate and then set it to 60 FPS as max. Make sure vertical sync stays off.
  • Save your settings.

Cache Folders

Cache folders can store lots of data that is covered from the game. The cache data basically helps to load the data faster, but this data can also slow down the performance of the game once it gets lots of data stored on it. It is necessary that a user keeps deleting the data over time so that the folder can have some space and the game can run smoothly.

Deleting the data from the Cache folder should increase the speed of your Sims 3 game without affecting any saved profiles or game data. Make sure you open the Sims 3 folder and locate the folder of “Electronic Arts.” Make sure not to mess with the file “ccmerged. package” and WorldCaches that contain important files.

Featured Items and Screenshots

There are also Featured Items and Screenshots folders that can have a huge storage, and it can cause your game to run slowly. There is nothing but images in the Featured Items folder that are loaded into the game, which is why the game gets slower when data in this folder is more. Deleting these files and screenshots can improve the performance of the Sims 3 game easily.


This was a discussion about the Sims 3 game how to make Sims 3 run faster as an easy guide solution. We discussed multiple procedures so that you can try to find the best one for you.


Q#1: How can I make Sims 3 run faster?


  • Limit the Frame Rate
  • Low your Graphics Settings
  • Delete the files from Cache Folders
  • Delete some Featured Items and Screenshots
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