Get Sticker Residue Off Laptop

How to Get Sticker Residue Off Laptop

Stickers are found almost on every product for displaying the brand or some info related to that product. They include advertisements of different things or features to attract customers or to enhance the look of certain devices. Sometimes laptop with 4g sim card slot also has stickers placed on them, and there is also a chance that a user puts a sticker on a laptop willingly.

The problem isn’t with the stickers, the problem might be when you remove that sticker after a long time, and then you find the residue on the body of your laptop that feels very irritating. You would want to get sticker residue off the laptop, but you wouldn’t know how.

But thankfully, there are several ways to use common household products through which you can remove adhesive residue from the back of your laptop. Here we will discuss how to get sticker residue off the laptop.

How to Get Sticker Residue Off from Any Laptop

  • Dampen a cloth in warm water.
  • Use a soft warm cloth to rub it over the remaining sticker residue by folding the cloth and gently rubbing it over the sticker.
  • Use the clean side of the warm cloth to collect the residue in it until it is all cleared.
  • If there is still residue left, then put some citrus-based residue remover or any mineral oil-based element on the cloth.
  • Remember that these products and flammable, so try to use a cloth that you wouldn’t be using again anywhere in your house, and you would discard it after use.
  • First, use to scrub the solvent on any side part of the residue to see if that works or not. If it does, then start cleaning the body of the laptop gently.
  • Make sure that it’s not removing the color of your laptop as some products can discolor plastic body items.
  • Rub it again and again until the whole residue gets off, and you can dispose of the cloth afterward.

There are also some alternative ways that you can follow to remove this sticker residue.

Use Oil-based Substances

Applying oil of any form such as mineral oil, olive oil, tea tree oil, lotion, petrol, and another such form of liquid can help the sticker residue to moisturize it and make it lose. It would not be adhesive and sticky anymore, and it would make it very easy to peel off too.

You have to use a little quantity of any oil form on the residue, rub it gently with your finger or any material. Then simply scrape it off with a towel or cloth, or you can use any other suitable thing but don’t use anything hard because it might affect the surface of the laptop.


You can make use of substances like any lighter fluid, mineral spirits that can easily dissolve the residue, and what’s left of the sticker on the back of your laptop. It would make them easy to scrap and remove off with the help of these solvents. You can make use of non-oil-based solvents like alcohol, acetone, or vinegar and sometimes water to effectively loosen up stickers.


You can also make use of some abrasives such as toothpaste, baking soda, Scotch Brite pads, or magic erasers that paste on any sticker directly and peel them off with themselves. Using a slightly damp microfiber cloth on the stickers, you can wear them off and remove them from the laptop.

One thing you need to take care of is that don’t rub the sticker excessively as the surface of the laptop’s body might get damaged. In the case of plastic body laptops, it’s very common, and you don’t want that.


This was a discussion about getting a sticker residue off from a laptop’s body easily. It includes only easy steps, and for more details, you can leave a reply below.


Q#1: Is sticker residue toxic?

Ans: There are four toxic compounds that are commonly used in sticky labels or stickers. They can seep through any paper and plastic materials and even contaminate the thing inside.

Q#2: What is the sticky stuff on stickers?

Ans: It is called an adhesive, which is a kind of glue or paste that helps a sticker to stick to a surface.

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