How To Fix A Key That Fell Off A Laptop Keyboard

How To Fix A Key That Fell Off A Laptop Keyboard – Quick And Step-By-Step Guide In 2023

Keyboards are an amazing piece of input device that basically helps you navigate, type as well as perform operations through shortcut combinations.

Without it, a laptop or a computer lacks the ability to harness its power efficiently because if there is no input from a human, then obviously there is no output.

Now some would say that virtual keyboards also exist, however, they aren’t as versatile and easy to use and obviously can’t replace a physical one if you are using them for a laptop.

And if by any chance the keys are malfunctioned or simply get popped for whatever reason, then you might find yourself in a pickle.

This is why this article is dedicated to how to fix a key that fell off a laptop keyboard in a couple of easy steps that are mentioned below.

Things You Need To Gather

  • Tweezers
  • Alcohol rubs
  • Q-Tips
  • Toothpick(Optional for low-profile keyboards)
  • Aerosol Duster 

Steps For How To Fix A Key That Fell Off A Laptop Keyboard

Follow these steps and you will be all set!

1. Precautionary Measures.

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to dig in there with your laptop turned on, make sure your laptop is turned off, with its battery latched or unscrewed so no power is available to summon a short circuit.

Additionally, grounding yourself is also a wise idea you can prevent Static build-up that could possibly fry up your keyboard main circuits.

Do any of the following to ground yourself,

  • Use an Alligator clip for Grounding.
  • Touch a metal before you make contact.
  • Wear an anti-static wristband.

2. Cleaning.

There are some gaming-oriented laptops that have a full-fledged layout with a dished shape that give the feel of a mechanical keyboard on a desktop.

  1. In order to fix a key that has fallen, first diagnose the region if there is any dirt or debris clogging up the space.
  2. Now, take alcohol wipes and rub them gently and make sure you clean every nook and cranny of the missing keycap space.
  3. You can also use a Q-Tip as it is much more convenient and easily reachable where your fingers can’t.
  4. Aerosol Duster can also be deemed useful if there is hard debris stuck which won’t be extracted otherwise.

3. Fixing A Keycap (Low Profile Keys).

  1. Now comes the main part, examine the keycap that has fallen off your laptop and make sure the bits that are connected to it are intact.
  2. Moreover, the empty space would also have a retainer clip that holds the key in its upright position, simply use a tweezer and lay them flat by flexing them.
  3. Now, hold the key and gently push it onto the retainer clip until you hear a distinctive “Click” sound, try not to push it harder as it can break the retainer or damage the key.
  4. Use even force and check if the key is oriented correctly and doesn’t feel janky or loose as it may fall off again.

4. Fixing A Desktop Level Keys.

A laptop with a desktop keyboard layout would have different mechanisms as it consists of a “Mechanical Switch”.

  1. In such cases, check if the Mechanical switch is intact, if it isn’t and you notice any damage, you might want to solder it back to its position by using a soldering tool.
  2. Using tweezers, push the Keycap into position gently after soldering the Mechanical switch into its correct position. This will ensure that it locks into place all the way down.

5. Fixing A Space Bar.

Space bars have completely different anatomy and cannot be fixed by following the methods above.

  1. The reason behind that is beneath the space bar key, there is a rectangular steel bar that usually gets dislodged.
  2. Gently hold both ends and clip it back to its place by orienting it correctly so that you won’t strain or bend it.
  3. Now hold it upright with a tweezer and position the space bar key so it can be clamped with the rectangular steel bar and push it downwards to lock onto it.
  4. Pressing the Spacebar a couple of times will ensure a firm locking position which means you have done the job successfully.
Thanks to PcMonkey for explaining such in details. Here they have shown the above method just in video formate. So if you’re interested in watching more than reading, then I’ll recommend to watch this video. Thanks to PcMonkey once Again.

Why Aren’t My Keys Working?

Keys malfunctioning even while they are locked onto their retainer is pretty common and chances are they won’t register an input.

The reason behind such a fiasco might lie in your main circuit board which most probably has malfunctioned and in such circumstances, replacing it by taking it to your local repair shop might be your best bet.

Bottom Line

So this is how to fix a key that fell off a laptop keyboard, make sure you take proper steps while handing the keys as they are incredibly fragile and you break off the tiny bits that might be necessary to hold your keycaps in their right position.

That being said, I hope this article was pretty straightforward for you and isn’t left with any confusion in mind.

Nonetheless, handle your electronics with care as safety is better than cure!

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